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9/23 c54 ImTheNana
Second read, would really love to see an update.
7/23 c54 LAtoNE09
Any idea if you will return to this story. I love it and would LOVE to see how you would continue it. Thanks for sharing it with the world.
7/12 c9 LAtoNE09
I really love this. I would love to see the confit center around them working through their communication issues and roadblocks. Like Logan’s past infidelity, everything or nothing at graduation, and Rory’s fear of commitment in suggesting VEGAS. Personally I was left with such disappointment in AYITL and how badly Rory was doing … watching her fight her own internal battles and succeed would be fun. Also I totally think they should have babies, maybe twins.
5/13 c54 ImTheNana
I know you said on hiatus, but wow! I am loving this story! I hope you decide to continue!
5/13 c54 Xtine410
Love your stories! I can actually picture this happening to Rory and Logan. Maybe not the Mitchum dying part but how they got together. I knew the Gilmore girls were stubborn but didn’t realize how Rory can be VERY stubborn. Sometimes I was thinking “omg give Logan a break! He’s trying so much and sacrificing so much for you!” LOL Well I can’t wait to read more and see how this story continues!
5/11 c54 reesa0817
Such a great story. Second time reading and forgot it wasn't complete. Look forward to reading more if you decide to come back.
4/24 c54 1sabrina-notthewitch
I just re-read this having not been back since your last update. I love your other stories, but I do hope your return to this one.
3/31 c54 nicholsndimes08
Man, this story is so good! Please come back to it!
3/19 c54 Sarah
I really hope you come back to this! It's a really great story!
1/4 c54 Susan
Great read! Hope you write more chapters or at least an epililogue...who won the Paris-Finn bet about the number of children, et al..
1/4 c49 Susan
I am really loving this story, but not names..Lee?Huntsberger-Gilmore? I can see Gilmore-Huntsberger for her, but prefer just Huntsberger for all of them...For future children: what about Evan Christopher or Lorelei Emily (Lola or Lila)...
1/4 c53 Susan
Why not meet at Shira's Hartford home or one of Finn's hotels? Why Stars Hollow? Drama?
1/3 c5 Susan
Their communication skills suck..even now..How about talking about where they want to live, look at places, if need be apply for jobs there. Frustrating...
1/3 c2 Guest
I like this ending to New Hampshire SO much better than AYTL!
1/1 c54 Junia Grey
I really hope it's only a small HIATUS. I really love this story so much and I was so happy about every update. For me it's one of the best Rogan stories after AYITL. Thank you so much for writing it and I wish you all the best.
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