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1/19/2021 c16 EthanielDomvoisthe4th
So. Gooooooood. Dear gosh I loved every second, and the fight scenes were so cool, and the romance was on point every time and I blushed and squealed a lot more than I am willing to admit!
1/18/2021 c10 EthanielDomvoisthe4th
Oh my ever-loving gosh I am literally going to explode from overdosing on Lumity, why do you do this to us all Silver!
1/17/2021 c2 EthanielDomvoisthe4th
This one of the best ghost stories I've ever read!
12/9/2020 c16 11OMAC001
Love this story! You combined all the best features of Haunted Mansion and created the best Ghost Host ever! Can't wait to read more of Slithermas!
12/6/2020 c16 WolvesRock14
Alright. Final chapter time. Gods, this story has been such a journey. Part of me doesn’t want it to end! But I know it must. So let’s go!

"You look like you took a shower in the boiling rain!"
Luz winced at the very fresh memory of Damien throwing her out the window. — If Damien wasn’t already dealt with, Eda would have had a field day in kicking his ass.

"Nobody asked you, Minty Fresh. Thanks to you the Doubles were waking me up at o'dark thirty asking if you were with Luz, and I had to drag Lily out of bed so we could find you kids!" — I love the way you write Eda, and all the nicknames for the kids.

Know them?" A loud snort came from the Owl Lady as she threw back her head and laughed. "Are you kidding? I used to hang out here all the time as a witchling...” *shakes head fondly* Of course you did.

If Amity's parents forbade them from ever seeing each other again... — They can fucking try. It ain’t gonna work though.

Amity's eyes widened and her face went bright pink. "D-d-date?!" — Amity, you gay mess. Though Luz isn’t much better. XD

For once, Amity did not look so annoyed with her siblings, though she did shoot an exasperated look at Luz that had the human stifling a laugh. — Love the twins.

"Alrighty kids, let's get you all home. Lily, you take Shortstack, Glasses, and the talking paperweight back to Bonesborough, I'll bring Luz back to the Owl House." — Again, loving the nicknames.

... she was cut short by Amity yanking the staff close to wrap her arm around her neck and kiss her deeply. Behind them, Edric and Emira, Lilith, and Eda all went slack-jawed. — I am just smiling. So very wide. :3

Yup. She thought to herself, holding out her arms to feel the rush of the wind around her, grin stretching across her face. Better than any Azura adventure she could have ever wished for. — My stupid grin just keeps getting bigger. My cheeks are starting to hurt. XP

A portal had been opened to the Chaos Realm, and, unfortunately, it was not a one-demon-only invitation. She had sensed others when the Nowhere Demon returned to the realm, a sort of parting gift left by the Greater One. That meant there was much to do and very little time to do it in. — *insert eyes emoji here*

Ghosts of Slithermas Eve — Oh this. This sounds like it’s gonna be a ton of fun. :3

Wow. What a ride this has been. Such a bittersweet feeling this is. *wipes away a tear* This has honestly been one of the best fics I’ve ever read. :-)
I can’t wait to see what that holiday fic is gonna have in store. The summary alone already has me buzzing in excitement. Until then, my friend, keep up the great work! Your writing is amazing!
12/6/2020 c15 WolvesRock14
Finally got the time to read this! I’m gonna review both chapters left as I read ‘em, so let’s get going!

"Would you stop worrying, Chiaro? You're twenty-one now, not fourteen! Surely you've got the gumption to walk up to a girl and ask her to dance at this point? I've seen you face much more horrifying things with a silver axe and inked glyphs than ask Emilia Pandor for one simple waltz." — She makes good points, Chiaro.

"Now, to take care of the band." Turning on her heel, Mezzanotte strode towards the stage and the group of chattering demons and witches, cracking her knuckles eagerly. "No way they'd play a song for you, eh? Remember Chiaro, there's always my way." — Love Mezzanotte. :3

"I think Emilia is in Artemis. Her soul is her palisman." — Amity just using that big brain of hers and solving all the riddles tonight, huh?

There was a loud chirp and Chiaro shot up to Boscha's face, making the witch yelp and stumble back as he trilled loudly, until the Ghost Host scooped their palm under the orb to pull him back. — We had protective Mezzanotte. Now get ready for protective Chiaro!

“... The longer the curse lasted, and the longer I resisted draining the life force of others, the limitations of my powers grew. It was to the point I couldn't even recall the details of the curse, its memory taken from me...” — :-(

“...The Bewitching Hour passed, I was a shadow again, but I sensed you all were in trouble. I knew the statue would be the only way I could help, especially once I smelled Damien's magic on the corpses...” — The power of wanting to protect someone is very strong.

The Ghost Host snorted. "Don't get your bile sac in a twist my dear, it's just as it sounds. A dance, a simple waltz for two who loved nothing more than to be in each other's arms. And, if I'm not mistaken," the knowing smile on their face made Amity's blush darken even more. "The two of you shared something similar against that pest Grometheus?" — :3

"We've already seen you two kiss at least three times by now," King rolled his eyes. "Get over it." — Lol. XD

The human's eyes popped from their sockets and she hopped up and down with glee. "Are you kidding me?! An actual ghost possession? Be still my ghost-chasing-fandom heart!" — Luz, I love you. XD (*side-eyes the ghost-chasing-fandom part*)

Figures her human dork would be possessed by another human dork, even if the possessor was a man. — Only the dorkiest of humans can impress the daughters of super rush families.

Luz smiled softly and her hands slid alongside Amity's face to cup her cheeks, fingers lightly brushing at the pointed tips of her ears. Heat spiked deep in Amity's stomach, though she was not sure if that belonged to her or Emilia. — All four of them are dorks.

Tears fell from Amity's eyes and she was honestly not sure who they belonged to, herself or Emilia, and she nodded. — You were right; I did need a tissue. *wipes tears*

"This is...different." She looked at Luz to see the human in the same black tuxedo top and purple leggings, brown laced boots, and ridiculous pink tutu wrapped around her waist. No doubt Chiaro was the one staring in outright surprise at the outfit. "Strange...but nice." — I honestly can’t stop smiling.

The instruments began to play a soft, slow tune and, when the demon pointed a claw to Skara, the Bard student's eyes flashed for a moment with green light before turning to the piano and started to tap the keys. With another snap of their fingers, the Ghost Host conjured their staff and its shape melded into a tall microphone. — It’s song time!

If only she had known just what shen was getting them into, but, as she looked up to meet Luz's eyes, she would not have had it happen any other way. — And once again, I can feel my heart melting.

"I know where you're headed, and trust me, I'd be bored in an instant. Besides," they grinned at the group of witchlings. "I've got a new group of souls to protect, and many sins to atone before I can go to rest. You two get out of here, before the real Nowhere Demon decides to make a comeback." — I love the Ghost Host.

"When you agreed to break the curse, you were taken to a dimension overlapping the real world, where the curse was at its strongest and where time stood still. A sort of purgatory existing in between the world of the living and the afterlife...” — Well that explains why this night seemed to last forever. XD

Bottom lip quivering, Luz let go of Amity's hand and ran to grab the Ghost Host in a tight hug. When Amity saw the tears slipping out from beneath her eyes, she hurried over to join in the embrace, feeling everyone else huddle in. There was a light shuffling as the Ghost Host wrapped their wings around the group, holding them close, their deep purr resonating through Amity's body. — And there goes my heart again! *wipes away more tears*

Running her fingers through her hair, Luz sighed and shrugged. "I...I think so." She laced her fingers with Amity's and smiled. "We're together, that's enough for me." — *cups hands around mouth* Sap!

"Heeeey story..." — You got some explaining to do Luz. XD

Gods, the Lumity fluff the chapter– *chef’s kiss* Perfect. Loved every moment. And the Ghost Host! I love them. So much. :3

Now it’s time to read the final chapter!
12/6/2020 c16 Sargent Angle
12/6/2020 c16 imjustvibin
12/5/2020 c16 69Mr. Spinner
A short and sweet ending to a fun, dynamic, and creative story! It was a joy and a pleasure to follow your work and I look forward to seeing what you bring forth next!
12/5/2020 c16 9UltimateAvengers
Awesome job! :)
12/4/2020 c16 2R-Doll
To think I just finished reviewing ch 15 before this. I couldn't fall asleep. I love how you closed this story. It has been an absolute thriller and haunter of a ride/story. There were so many things I still want to know after you opened the possibilities up. Eda's GH encounter and the Blights reluctance involving the Pandor manor.

The nicknames for the rest of Team Owlet plus Leota were on point. Ahhh, Leota. Wherever you go next, I hope there's a good outcome/outlook for ya. Eda's motherly instincts kicking in. Luz has been through alot of hurt in one evening. Five points to Luz for scoring a first date. Victory to the Lumity ship! Overall, this has been one of the best things I've read in 2020. Your writing is excellent. Few typos and grammar bits here and there. A ghost story worth the screams, ghosts, and sleepless times.

Preview for your next story? I'm looking forward to that Xmas special. Don't forget to take care of yourself. Stay cool!
12/4/2020 c15 R-Doll
Lumity fluff galore! This chapter was equally a Chiaro and Emilia chapter. I am in love with their story. The opening passage and flashback was so cute. I thought Chiaro would be much more confident after spending so much time with Emilia. Even then, anyone would be nervous when it comes to romance and dancing together. Mezzanotte's charm and sisterly bond with Chiaro was very touching. Her gift as Chiaro's sister and mentor was heartfelt. The moment where Chiaro and Emilia were about to dance was like destiny was in their favor that time.

I felt a tone of incredible heartache from Mezzanotte. The helplessness that came from not saving her adopted brother and not preventing Emilia's suicide. The entire estate was doomed moving forward. Now, the lovers reunited and passing was truly beautiful closure. The possession was definitely sweet as it was awkward for the host bodies. Mezzanotte as a singer. I would love to see this witch demon sing in person. Emilia and Amity's face to face was dreamlike and had obvious parallel designs.

The dream where night and time stand still. I thought this night went longer. It's touching how GH will still be there for the kids even when the day has come. The gifts were fetching and suits each of Team Owlet fine. Not sure about Madame Leota and Gus though oracles stick together.

Eda! I'm glad she arrives at the end. I do hope the other parents will come for their kids. Even Amity's, or at least Ed and Em. One more chapter, huh? I don't mind a kind epilogue or aftermath chapter. If/when the time comes, I look forward to those Haunted Mansion prequel short stories. I like to learn how it all went down btwn the Pandors, Chiaro, and everyone else involved.
12/4/2020 c15 69Mr. Spinner
Ooh, I thought I might drown in the fluff! The GH’s send off was genuinely moving and their last gesture was sweet.
12/4/2020 c14 Mr. Spinner
Whoof, what a climax! Luz’s conflict with Damien was excellently written, you really got the arrogant elitist villain versus the young idealistic hero vibe down. Also, I caught her Gravity Falls reference.
GH’s lesson to Amity was a great piece of world building, and I caught hints of Fullmetal Alchemist influence(?) in there.
Finally, the results of the summoning were awesome to read. Not to mention the fact that Luz -that adorable, spirited idiotpulled off a Doctor Strange and talked down an eldritch demon.
So excited for the conclusion!
12/3/2020 c14 WolvesRock14
I love waking up to seeing an alert that one of my fav fics updated. :-)

Out of all the experiences Luz had had during her time in the Demon Realm, flying through a haunted mansion, a living haunted mansion, was something she had to chalk up as being one of the weirdest. — And that’s saying something. XD

As soon as Damien exited the hall, the armored statues swung, knocking the necromancer off his staff and sending him straight into the entryway doors. — Haha! Go armored statues!

She, Amity Blight, was in love with Luz Noceda. Just like Luz Noceda was in love with Amity Blight. Yup, she admitted to herself, she was in love with a witch. — I’m smiling so wide. Like a sap.

"ACHOO!" Luz felt Rex tense under her and she sighed. Mierda. — Welp. Rip Luz.

Tilting forward, Luz began to swing her arms and legs in a very haphazard version of the breast stroke, something she remembered from her summertime swimming lessons, and was thrilled to find she was moving forward. — I can picture this scene so vividly. XD

Damien loomed over her and smiled. "Knock knock." — Uh-oh. O_O

"Alright, are you ready for your magic lesson?" — Ooo, shadow magic time!

"Because I've passed to the level where I represent the formula, therefore, I call upon the essence of the ingredients and the command set into them to bring my abomination to life." — Star Student Amity gets a time to shine!

A lumbering figure rose up from the ground in front of the witch and she gasped, not out of horror, but pure surprise. It looked every bit like an abomination, but instead of the familiar purple goop, its entire body rippled with the flame-like visage of the shadows that made it. — *in awe* So awesome.

"You - you're going to - " — What! They’re going to what?!

"Those lines are drawn to keep everyone in their place, to maintain order. When I learned Emilia was going to throw everything she had away all for some lowly human servant? I could not stand by and watch it all go to ruin. He had no magic to protect her, no money, no home, no family, how could he possibly care for her? I did what I had to do to make her see just how weak he was, but, I never meant for the shoggoth to kill him…" — I hate you. So much.

“... One day, she'll realize you're going to remain an ordinary, magic-less human who won't be able to bring any benefit to her life. You're just something new and curious, and once that thrill is gone, she'll leave you." — Step away right now, mother fucker. I swear on the Titan, you do anything...!

"I don't need to be 'worthy' of Amity's attention, because I already know she loves me, just like she knows I love her." Boy, did it feel good to say those words. — Boy, does it feel good to read those words.

"I'll be anything but ordinary." — *gasp* Song reference. :3

"If you're anything but ordinary, then let's see if you can handle a little rain." — Shit shit shit!

A reverberating roar erupted from the mess of seeds, gourd guts, and vines, and Damien lurched back as the Pumpkin King rose from the ground, reforming as it turned to them, flames sliping from between its teeth. — Well. Let’s hope that keeps him busy for awhile.

A light trill came from below and she glanced down to see the silvery-blue glow of the spirit ball keeping pace with her. — Return of the little ghost friend! :-D

Those wide eyes brimming with tears shimmered and Amity yanked Luz to her chest in a constricting hug that told her she did not want to let go. — Gods, my heart.

Amity and the Ghost Host gaped at Luz as she pulled the thin chain with the golden band from around her neck. "One of the best things of living with a wanted criminal is learning how to pick pockets without being caught. Jerk didn't even notice." — Luz. Luz are the literal best. I love you so much.

She grinned brightly at them, only to squeak when Amity grabbed the front of her shirt and yanked her in for a kiss that set all of the nerves in Luz's body on overdrive.
When Amity let go, Luz was sure her brain had melted. "Titan, you're such a dork." She whispered, her breath sending chills down the human's spine. — You’re both dorks. Just, adorable dorks.

"Now," A wicked grin slid across the demon's smile. "The life force." And flung Damien headfirst into the center of the spell. — Ah, vengeance.

The Ghost Host stared back with a cold fury in their glowing eyes. "You lost any chance at redemption the moment you touched these kids. Now, you will only know oblivion." — Yeah! You tell him, GH!

... Shadows spilled from its shoulders, giving the semblance of wings, while a blazing mass on its head warped into what looked almost like a crown. — Yeah, Damien is so fucked... Good.

"No!" Luz yelled, her knuckles turning white as she held onto the staff and stared down the demon in the center. "You can't take the Ghost Host!" — Oh Titan.

She may be just a human, but she was going to fight with every ounce of her being to not let the Ghost Host be taken away. — *wipes away proud and happy tears*

A giggle bubbled up in Luz's throat and tickled its way out of her mouth, followed by a second, then a third, until she was doubled over laughing. — Gotta just laugh the feelings of horror and terror away. XD

"You just stood toe to toe with the Nowhere Demon! An actual Great One! I knew I was wise to select you as one of my subjects!"
Grinning, Luz gave King a peck on the nose and looked at Amity. "Yeah, I guess I'm kinda cool." — Kinda? That was fucking amazing, kid.

"You reckless, ridiculous, hard headed, brilliant, beautiful human!" Their eyes glimmered down at her as they nuzzled her hair with the side of their horned head. "Do you know how dangerous that was? The Great One could have squashed you like a bug! Why did you do that?"
Giggling, Amity gave Luz a peck on the cheek. "Because she's my fearless champion, that's why." — I’m smiling like such a dope right now. I’m so freaking happy.

Swallowing, the Ghost Host leaned back on their heels and their tail curled around their legs. "Luz Noceda, I would like you to meet my little brother, Chiaro." — Ah! So the little spirit /was/ Chiaro! :3

Woof! Wow! What a ride that chapter was, huh? Had my emotions going all the over the place. XD
But you better believe I loved every moment! The Lumity moments were so freaking cute; the Ghost Host hug so wholesome; and Damien’s final death was so, so very satisfying. I can’t wait to read the next chapter. :-)

Until then, keep up the awesome work! You’re doing amazing, my friend!
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