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for Brothers lost, brothers remembered, love found

1/20 c1 2Paradox28
This was very well-written. lobed the open ending and hope to see more of this relationship in the future. Great work!
12/29/2020 c1 1PringlesTheWriter
Ugh, I love this. I always liked Colin as a character in the series, but never really explored Dennis all that much and then I came across this fic on reddit and that started a Dennis Creevey binge for me. I love the ambiguity that sort of blankets the entire fic, its not all breathless passion and intensity. Normal people aren't usually prone to overdramatic passion the way characters in a book are.

The hardest part after losing someone can be finding someone who understands, and there's a divide between you and a person who can't fathom what you're going through (especially years after the fact). I love that these two characters who suffered their own very real tragedies somehow manage to find each other.

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