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6/12/2022 c82 BellalovesJacob
This was an amazing story. Very well thought out and engaging. The story wasn’t rushed and the writer brought the plot to a close well and with no holes that I could think of. Can’t wait to see what you write next.
5/8/2022 c82 Patriciadiane
loved how you wrapped it up
5/8/2022 c81 Patriciadiane
Love that they have twins.
Do I see a future with the other babies?
5/8/2022 c80 Patriciadiane
so much to celebrate in spite of the sadness
The journals are so hard to hear about his pain.
5/8/2022 c79 Patriciadiane
He never stood a chance.
Bella's heavenly guardians have saved her so many times.
5/8/2022 c78 Patriciadiane
What a celebration for the family that Renee can complain about being tickled
5/8/2022 c77 Patriciadiane
I had a creepy feeling about the priest. His damage as a child and his mother's influence as well as the horrible experiences at the hands of her customers gave him no chance.
5/8/2022 c76 Patriciadiane
I'm uneasy about the priest for some reason.
5/8/2022 c75 Patriciadiane
Torture so much torture in this story
Jane is crazy
5/8/2022 c74 Patriciadiane
Oh, my gosh. Can't they catch a break?
5/8/2022 c73 Patriciadiane
Love Emmett and how he has the loyalty of others who want to help.
5/8/2022 c72 Patriciadiane
so much to try and figure out my mind is whirling
5/8/2022 c71 Patriciadiane
I'm getting creeped out again.
5/8/2022 c70 Patriciadiane
Who told about her? Why does the press/media feel they have the right to assault/harangue/ or get in the personal space of anyone? just when they thought it might be close to being over it seems to be getting worse.
5/8/2022 c69 Patriciadiane
the anxiety that you evoke with your writing is amazing and I applaud your skills with the word.
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