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for Metamorphosis: The Journey of Cho Chang

3/11 c14 8West29
Katie, I love how you show Cho's growing attachment to Cedric - it's very romantic, while simultaneously managing to be sweet and innocent - exactly how I imagine the two of them together! It's also really sweet when she goes to see him in the tent.
I also liked how you worked the pressure from Cedric's dad (to be first place at everything, including this blasted tournament) into the story. (My only complaint is, I wish you'd played up that aspect with a couple more lines.) The way Ced is so insecure about his performance - despite having gotten past a DRAGON - breaks my heart. Like Cho, I am left wanting to just hug him and tell him he's doing an amazing job!
3/11 c13 West29
You're right - we do see Cho's dad as the same stiff, unloving person. Perhaps we have the same idea that his general lack of affection for his daughter is what leaves her so raw and hurting inside?
I love the way Cedric always tries to be upbeat, when when he's literally staring down a face-off with a dragon - it really shows what kind of person he is!
Also, the hand-squeezing gesture was so romantic! I love the way you're doing the slow-burn romance between Cedric and Cho! 3
3/11 c14 510yellow 14
Hey, take your time.

You know, Meghan was right about one thing. He’s her boyfriend. Or at least getting there. I loved their fight. Her ex friends were really nasty and I loved how Marietta stood up for her.

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3/11 c14 James Birdsong
2/16 c13 yellow 14
Another beautiful chapter. And yes Cho. You’ve fallen and fallen hard.

And Cho? You’re definitely not a plain airhead. From the other characters (and Harry in particular), you’re a beautiful girl. (And Cedric, but that goes without saying.)

Keep updating and good luck.
2/1 c12 8West29
I really like the way Marietta is supportive of Cho throughout this whole story! It gives Cho really good reasons to be supportive of her when she's going through a hard time and betrays Dumbledore's Army in Book 5!
Also, I love the chemistry between Cho and Cedric. It seems like they not only give each other reprieve from the hardships of life at Hogwarts, but they also genuinely make each other happy as well! I'm looking forward to reading more of your fic!
1/26 c12 510yellow 14
It’s really cute how he stood up for her. It was such a petty attitude from that girl. And the ‘real Hogwarts Champion’ comment was nicely timed. Keep updating
1/18 c11 yellow 14
There’s an old curse. It goes ‘May you live in interesting times.’ (I borrowed that from Terry Pratchett, another great fantasy author.)

It’s disturbing, but it will pass.

Fanfiction isn’t delivering review replies either. I tried replying to some of my reviews and it kept jamming itself up. Still is.

Onto the story. It’s cute seeing Cho and Cedric get closer and Cedric not liking the adoration is a nice touch. But what I really like is Marietta here. She’s being a really good friend here, handling Cho and Cedric’s growing relationship really well. Keep updating
1/3 c10 yellow 14
The way that they are talking about Harry is a nice touch. It really reinforces what you did in the last chapter. And yeah, Potter stinks is really immature. Keep updating
12/24/2020 c9 yellow 14
I generally got the impression that Cedric indeed thought that Harry had willingly entered. (Of course, we’re seeing the story from Harry’s perspective, so...) Nobody would blame him for having that opinion. It makes a certain kind of sense.

That said, the way that you’ve portrayed Cedric and Cho is really well done here. Again we have Cedric and his father’s pressure and Cho reassuring him. It’s a great chapter that really shows off their relationship.

Keep updating and merry Christmas.
12/16/2020 c8 yellow 14
Foreshadowing what’s to come?

Well it makes for an interesting chapter. Keep updating
12/9/2020 c7 yellow 14
I like how they’re talking and it’s so natural. (I’m tempted to say relationship goals, but given how it ends.) Cedric’s reasons and the paths leading him there are nicely done and don’t feel like an exposition dump.

As for Cho’s friends...ouch. You can see their little group sliding apart and it’s sad but very real. Keep updating
12/1/2020 c6 yellow 14
We’re going to feel his death. But it’s important that we get to care beforehand (and we can see Cho and Cedric develop for us to understand the situation better. That’s good writing.)

Cedric and Cho have a beautiful friendship here and it shows really well here. It’s very organic and real. Also, I’m glad you brought up the implications of love potions. I think JK didn’t think that through. Certainly the wizarding world doesn’t seem to think that it’s serious (Fred and George sell them commercially) and the implication is that it’s not treated as a serious problem in itself. (I disagree with that, but that’s what the evidence says as far as I can tell.)
And as a guy, I can confirm that teenage boys can be crude in how they talk about girls. I wish that I could say that I reacted like Cedric, but I didn’t. (I’m not proud of my actions, but I acknowledge them.)
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11/22/2020 c5 yellow 14
I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but go Marietta! Between her and Cedric, the characters are great. We can see all of Cho’s doubts and wonderfully human flaws and Cedric is a very touching character. Especially when you know what happens to him. (No, Cursed Child doesn’t exist.) Keep updating (also, if you’re interested in challenging people, there’s a Harry Potter challenges forum for that.)
11/14/2020 c4 yellow 14
You can really feel the chemistry between them. It’s very organic and I suspect that she’s falling for him. (Actually I’m 90% sure of it)

The stuff with Megan is a nice touch as well. It’s as petty as I might expect.

Keep updating
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