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for The Sins Of Natsuki Subaru

7/20 c6 tombigamark
Waiting for a new chapter
6/11 c6 Guest
Hey hey hey author! Was wondering when you would update as we have passed all of May without any new chapters. So unless you need more time then take as much as you need but not too long though.
5/24 c6 7Oteycri000
Oh man I see Shaula I like. And amazing job with everything else. Truly a fascinating concept
5/5 c6 SentinalSlice
I definitely preferred the previous writing style. It flowed much better and felt much more like a book.
5/4 c6 Raj8
Overall this is shaping up to be surprisingly interesting, I look forward to seeing more in the future.
4/23 c6 Anonymous person
Noice. Can't wait for slothbaru to meet rem. Wonder if envy knows what is happening? Can't wait to see their reactions to the ifbarus and their actions.
4/20 c6 1Wicked.A
Was the attacks not hitting greed because he died and dodged the attacks?
4/20 c6 Guest
This is interesting
4/20 c6 Marckaizer
Finally, an update!

I'm just waiting for the reactions when they inevitably find out that all these insane strangers are alternate possibilities of Subaru.
4/19 c6 123ABIR123
This is good Pls update more
4/19 c6 Mattzone
Great chapter can’t wait for more take your time don’t rush go at your own pace. The chapter was great especially since Mare now knows who gluttony really is.
4/19 c6 Senor Oogway
4/18 c5 Wandering Noob
Dude update this already I have been waiting for a long time. I know you're active so upload the next chapter. Unless you just suddenly decided to quit like every other story with potential.
2/25 c5 JebsAPowerRanger
I would like you to continue, sir.
2/23 c5 This was good
Hope you’ve got some motivation
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