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for A Cadmean Victory Remastered

8/12 c18 Liquidsnake867
Omg I Effing luv this!
8/9 c1 Mr Krabs
Your prose and writing skill has improved immensely since the last version. But the Heart’s missing. This may be subjective but the Katie Love Triangle killed it for me. The crude jokes that no girl irl would ever say, especially not to a guy they like. Harry and Fleur was something sweet and Katie’s interjections don’t help. You can still make it so she likes him but not in a compromising way.

Maybe I’ll keep reading, I hope it gets better or serves a bigger purpose to the plot than just porn jokes. I’ve read the old version but all this doesn’t add much if you’re sticking to that beat. I’m assuming you’re not though, so I’ll keep reading.
8/9 c11 1Firesparq
Please ignore my comment, I realised I read it wrong. but I guess "To Err is Human" xD
8/9 c11 Firesparq
Slight mistake in this chapter. "Helena" Ravenclaw stole her mother's (Rowena's) diadem. I assume it's just a simple mistake while writing and reading your previous sentence.
8/7 c11 5Shaydrall
People of Earth.

Today, a great tragedy has befallen us all.

Words immemorial now struck from time.

Many of you may not know to what I refer.

But for those who do… know my tears are shed for us all.

For I do not forgive.

And I do not forget.
8/3 c24 9Itack23
First kiss scene, always makes me smile
7/31 c11 Itack23
Dam, I remembered this one chapter in detais... It's an intense one, and probably THE one from which a the rest of the story could have been changed
7/30 c7 Itack23
Oh, that scene did change much from what I remember, almost the same as before
7/30 c4 Itack23
It's impressive how Hermione can be unconsciuously and naturally that offensive in her commentaries to Harry. Makes me want to make her eat her dear homeworks
7/30 c1 Itack23
I read A Cadmean Victory a long long while ago and I was hesitant to read the remastered version as I really liked the first version and didn't want to just read it again just rewritten.
But seems like my fear was for nothing as, in my memories, the first version absolutely didn't start like that!
7/26 c2 edoabb
While Hermione attitude and expectations are a bit irritating and condescending, she is still offering help and worrying about something that would probably stump most, I mean if somebody started a second year class having skipped the first year, obviously people are gonna doubt how good you will perform, moreover Hermione knows well Harry study habits and effort he puts into studying, she is worried rightly so as usually she is the one that has to force Harry and Ron to study.

Not really sure how it come to this, as usually I dislike Hermione and her cheat deus ex machina character, but here she is being a really good friend, and Harry is being a little bitch.
7/25 c1 Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwe
I would love someone to create harry potter family reading future harry based on this fanfic. Seeing how harry survive and struggle to be with fleur is rollercoaster. And I want to see James, Lily, Marauders and their family reaction saw harry become ruthless and pursue his goal with cold efficiency. This is one of my fav fanfic and it would be great to be created as reaction fic.
7/16 c122 DrackNath
I have finished Cadmean at last...
Wow thay was a massive emotional roller-coaster...from the start to end...so much pain...so much drama...so much doubt...so much faith...so much anger...and lastly love...so much love that it hurts...it hurts so badly yet hope lives on...Hope is what makes us human...without hope...we are dead...and as long as hope is within us we shall live on.
Thank you for this Beautiful story...I hope to see what the sequel will bring to the table and hope they will be happy.
7/16 c121 DrackNath
...my heart aches in sorrow
7/16 c120 DrackNath
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