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12/13/2020 c8 annaharding
Again - oh, no!
I hope Joham is as sloppy as Renesmee thinks.
12/13/2020 c7 annaharding
Oh, no!
12/13/2020 c6 annaharding
So much excitement! Definitely horrible that Joham has planned such a diabolical plot, but adding in Leah's imprinting and Nessie's decision to be full Wolf...this all adds so much confusion.
I did enjoy the cute little embarrassment moment. I can so visualize TL's Jacob turning red!
12/13/2020 c5 annaharding
Poor Nessie! She's really only a little girl, even though she is maturing rapidly. This is all so much for her. Now I'm wondering if Bella will suffer any repercussions from sucking the tainted venom out. At least support has arrived now.
12/5/2020 c4 annaharding
Whoa, Nessie!
12/5/2020 c3 annaharding
Ooh! A mystery! Who are these rogue vampires? And why were they so accepting of their deaths? Hmmm...
12/5/2020 c2 annaharding
What a crazy mix-up! Now she knows how hard it's been for her father, hearing everyone's thoughts.
And - wow - Leah was the one she ran into for help? This should be interesting! And now the bad guy is coming. Eek!
12/5/2020 c1 annaharding
This is different! Very cool!
11/27/2020 c8 Guest
Has Nessie copied the talents of the vampires in joham's army?
11/27/2020 c10 Guest
Can Nessie give her copied talents to others using mele's gift or does she have to steal a talent using mele's gift in order to give it to others?
11/19/2020 c9 Guest
What will happen to Alice's gift that mele has?
11/19/2020 c9 Guest
Doesent mele still have Alice's gift? She may give it to the volturi if aro learns that she has it.
11/3/2020 c2 monicaszakun
I really like where the story is going and am intrigued to read more. Your creative storyline of a new and unknown power existing being intertwined with Renesmee's struggles with her coming of age is so relatable and I am excited to see how Renesmee has to navigate this and her newfound powers. You are very detail-oriented and thoughtful in your writing and perfectly blend together the Twilight storyline with your own individuality. Keep up the great work!
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