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10/20 c1 SugarAndIce
You captured Lassiter's attitude toward Shawn very well. I really enjoyed reading this oneshot!
10/16 c1 15shuuuliet
“Santa Barbara’s very own officially endorsed snake oil salesman”. Oh, this is so cleverly written. I love Shawn’s love and care for this dog and I love how Lassie begrudgingly trusts Shawn enough to go along with all of it.

Also the “dogs know” bit—love that as an intrusive thought for Lassie, and it made me laugh! I think it’s so true of the early Lassiter/Shawn relationship. Lassie wants to hate Shawn, but he can’t deny that there’s some inherent goodness there, and that their goals align even when their methods certainly misalign. Lassie’s wanting to smile but stopping himself was so perfect. I think we saw so much of that from him early on.

There’s so many gems in here. (“And stirred.” is another personal favorite.) The writing and characterization are spot-on and I really hope you’ll write more of these two, this whole piece just felt so perfect and so real to how they are, especially in the early seasons.

I could not love this more, honestly. Well done! Looking forward to more!
10/15 c1 citylily
That may be my favorite fic you've posted so far.

You captured S1 Shawn and Lassiter so well. The small twitch of a smile by Lassiter was everything. I love that the cause of all this was related to Shawn's love for animals. That moment when he talks to and releases the mastiff was so sweet. Even though this is perfect I kind of want you to continue so we see Shawn get his ribs patched up, name the dog, and likely introduce the dog to the spbd ranks. They take bull mastiff, right?
10/15 c1 Guest
Such a gentle, lovely little thing
Thank you
10/15 c1 25Gingeraffealene
Love Love Love!

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