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5/20 c13 Guest
Is there a fanfic where RWBY reacts to Lady and the Tramp with Zwei in the role of the Tramp?
5/20 c13 Sonic Kitty
I want to see crossover fanfics where RWBY and there friends and family go into Ice Age, Finding Nemo, A Bugs Life, Monsters Inc., Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Space Jam, and Looney Tunes Back in Action.
5/20 c13 Chick P
Having RWBY react to Ice Age 2002 would be awesome and Wall-E
5/20 c13 The Loud Prince
Can you have them react to Ice Age or Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss?
5/17 c9 Matt
I’d say for viewer choice: S.n.S and Sonic Unleashed.
5/16 c13 Super Maria Sis
You should do RWBY reacts to Ice Age. There are aren’t any react fics that have them reactions to ice age or any movie about animals.
5/15 c10 Guest
Can you have RWBY react to Ice Age or Finding Nemo.
5/15 c13 Alex Crowley
Not gonna lie this one sound interesting for me.
5/15 c12 13darthwolf
The Rider War’s of Ryuki happened between 2002-2003, a year before the fifth Holy Grail war could have taken place. So, either the Rider War is on one of Kanzaki’s time loops, or the events were delayed by a whole year, but if so, some of the riders couldn’t participate for one reason or another.
5/15 c13 Drcaus
Rwby watch Kamen Rider
Because that would be awesome
I would love to see an SAO x Kamen Rider Faiz crossover
4/21 c7 B-218
4/20 c1 Shadow-Ragna
Could you possibly do RWBY characters reacting to My Hero Academia?

Or you could do My Hero Academia reacting to Invincible tv series? In the MHA there will be Class 1-A and 1-B along with various Pro Heroes like All Might and Endevour. Also Todoroki’s family, Midoriya’s mom and Bakugo’s parents and maybe if you want Shigaraki and his team? Though when seeing the series there quirks are blocked from usage as much like a no death violence rule.
3/6 c9 Red
Maybe have My Hero Academia or RWBY react to the original Ben 10 series? Just an idea I thought I’d share.

Or maybe just have the My Hero Academia cast react to one of their worlds crossover stories like with Spider-Man? There’s a lot of those crossovers.
3/8 c9 F8ZEPHYR
Pls Sword Art Online
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