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for A Gamer's Life When He Wants To Avoid The Plot

6h c30 RiverOffers
In the chapter you say 11 miles but with the numbers given it works be 45 miles for the transmission.
11/21 c34 kirkmon
Just got done reading this can’t wait for the updated
11/20 c34 GodudamaMaker
Just when it was getting good too, I will keep this story in mind hopefully you come back from your break soon. I will be enjoying your other works thoroughly in the mean time!
11/20 c15 GodudamaMaker
Interesting twist you seem to be planning with Salem. It would seem that Ozma is more ruthless and manipulative than Salem in this story. Not that I would mind that. Adds a more humourous aspect if he joins Salem and then he can finally be horny about Cinder lmao
11/20 c11 GodudamaMaker
This shits too funny, you violated my man with his semblance T_T.
11/20 c8 GodudamaMaker
This story is gold ROFL, the gamer system was getting bored and so was I! but honestly I like that the character is true to himself and his personality. Hate it when characters get the gamer power and suddenly become warlord playboys who fuck and plunder all over the place. That has its entertainment but I like this way better! makes it funnier :) Keep up the good work I hope you haven't abandoned this story
11/18 c7 2Lord Shinigami Kira
7 full chapters without any interesting interaction and plot progression. Just boring grinding meh.
11/17 c34 Ricee
rip, fic is probably dead. little disappointed, but not overly so. the title led me to believe that there wouldn't be any direct interaction with canon characters at all, but that changed like 12 chapters in.
11/17 c30 Ricee
awwww you glossed over the fucking neo got, shame
11/17 c15 Ricee
ooo the semblance went in a way I didn't expect. I thought it was gonna be a directional telekinesis type thing, like sans and him throwing you in all 4 cardinal directions
11/17 c10 Ricee
shame it's rated Teen, doubt there's gonna be any shiro level lewds
11/8 c33 Guest
Kinda miffed that jaune was genderbent cuz i was expecting light jaune bashing but whatever this is fine too
11/8 c29 Guest
I think mc could go and raid some libraries even without ozpins permission since he got some handy dandy illusion girls that can make them invisible and soundless or turn into someone that has the crearance to be there like raven on X-MEN he could just use his point me semblance to get the cooler ones
11/5 c34 3Sm0keyPanda
Noooooo... damn you and your tantalising cliffhangers! Gah, this story is so good that I desperately need more!
10/30 c1 Gnormann
Also does a standard human that is 10 years old have 1 stat point in each slot or the gamer ability an improvement on the standard human? For example all 10 year olds have 5 each but the gamer ability starts mc out at 51 each?
It would be bizarre to identify a literal baby with the same stats as the mc as 1 point in each
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