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for A Gamer's Life When He Wants To Avoid The Plot

4h c15 bw207904
700 wooooio
7h c1 robocreeperi
So oz and sal's roles are reversed... well, I'm intrigued.
7h c15 1blackredray21
You never read a fic with a silver eyed gamer? Ure lucky nah? I read a lot in .
11h c15 1redHussar
Nice harem, cute girls. Just don't make it too big - I can't remember the names of all girls in the harem if it's bigger than 5 people.

I can't wait for the moment when he decides to tackle Schnee quest - news about him being capable of creating dust will create such a beautiful shitstorm...
17h c15 Thatz mann
I swear, why does every Rwby Si end-up being a fucking harem. The cashier was promising but here we go with another harem of main/important characters that already have(or will have)future character development but this time while wanking off the mc of the month like a week after meeting.
19h c8 Arvolth Edelweiss
not gonna lie, its funny too see system that whiny when mc is grinding his ass off all day long
23h c15 Guest
Will he search for Summer Rose for the easy affection points of a girl cuter than Neo? He has an excuse about using it to search for someone to teach him how to use his silver eyes and learning who she is afterwards
11/28 c15 NoName
Hey its so good
11/28 c11 Guest
Neo, Weiss and Ruby, so you're into the short ones? :P
11/28 c11 Guest
you're a nurse hold hands before marriage that degenerate
11/28 c15 Guest
11/28 c15 Guest
Is summer alive?
11/27 c15 Reader 451
*Gasp!* So I was right, his Semblance can direct him to Pyrrha.
Oh! Oh! He should ask his Semblance where the real McCoy is.
11/27 c15 Sapphireweapon12
Your AN says you never found a Gamer fic with silver eyes? Huh. If I remember correctly the fic A Wizard's Game by Grademaster had his protag get them. He even pulled a Naruto and had them swapped out.
11/27 c1 Guest
What happens when two people with hederitary semblances have a child? A combination? Coin toss?
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