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1/29 c13 FyreDrakon
pog, the sequels out

this has to be one of my favorite series, you write your characters so well.
11/15/2020 c12 dipthechip
I kinda wonder if ultimatum will be much longer than this or deus ex machina. none the less keep up the good work
11/8/2020 c11 QwertyOfDoom
Damn. I hope that author’s note wasn’t saying that this story is over; it’s getting into high gear, and we’re hungry for more!

I’m not sure why, but I expected Besh’s semblance to be Grimm Detection, instead of having Faunus eyesight. I suppose that Super OP semblances have been burned into my Pattern Recognition. This, though, was much better, and I can’t wait for both of these characters to help each other find the middle ground. Adam teaches Besh confidence, Besh helps him along the path Deus started.

This is so much more heartwarming and inspiring than Volume 7. When deranged terrorists (being the poetry spouting, suicide bombing version canon gave us, instead of a Zuko-ized version) are still making this much progress, while struggling far more than in any fix fic, it’s an amazing tale that outshines “lying is better when we do it” by light-years.
11/8/2020 c11 dipthechip
dang it's almost over
11/7/2020 c10 dipthechip
was not expect that ending
11/6/2020 c10 Draconic Hurricane
It’s a sitewide problem; they still appear on the mobile app for some reason. It seems to be happening to everyone; some people have suggested that it’s an attack on the FF server.
11/6/2020 c10 FyreDrakon
Speechless. Excellent writing.
11/4/2020 c7 ConfusedReviewer
What happened to ch8? I know it was out earlier...
11/3/2020 c8 SerpentineShadow

This... is good. By which I mean the story/writing, not the situation.

The situation is far from hopeless, but I’m having trouble imagining them ever reaching a mutual peace, and I know this is a story based partially around redemption.

Keep it up!
10/31/2020 c7 FyreDrakon
holy shit... damn, I'm speechless. probably one of my favorite stories involving Adam that I've read.
10/30/2020 c7 Invisible
This is fantastic. All that time building Autumn up, along with her slight sympathy to Adam (reasonable, but still reserved), and no obvious death flags. And the way she died! Adam, still clearly not in a Suddenly Redeemed And Heroic mindset, still showing her mercy and respect in a way that still leaves no doubt as to its brutality and the fact that he still has a long way to go. This isn’t “kill the baby so it won’t suffer” or “choose the people on the train track” philosophical thought-exercise style writing, it’s a choice that’s made, clear, and a mix of shades of gray. This is genuinely amazing.
10/30/2020 c7 MalignantSilhouette
Holy shit...I’m actually shocked, like Adam actually fucking killed Autumn. I DID NOT expect that coming, I really thought you wouldn’t have killed characters but guess I was wrong. Now I can’t wait for what Annea is going to do. Awesome chapter! Can’t wait to see what happens next!
10/26/2020 c1 Draconic Hurricane
Ok, I’ll say this:

I’ve read both RSOB and BoB; both are fantastic, but have their issues. RSOB... has a huge amount of fanon, and some characterization that isn’t true to the story... but it develops Ruby in an amazing way, and does a great job with Adam and more White Fang worldbuilding. Beast of Beacon, on the other hand... updates too rarely (seriously, IT’S SO SLOW AAAAAAAGH WHY IS QUALITY HARD).

This? I liked Dues Ex Machina; the base idea was nice enough, with a nod to what Deus was. The writing was generally fantastic, and it was something I enjoyed.

But I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone actually address the PRACTICALITY of Adam hiding his scar, and not sticking with his emotions. (And non SDC dust companies are new, too!)
This story is fantastically well-written and paced, updates at a bearable pace (because you finished it before posting, yes, but it helps SO MUCH)... I genuinely can say that, five chapters in, this is my favorite Adam Taurus story. Beast of Beacon, actually, had the flaw of making Adam ‘too’ sympathetic... Weiss and Tsune claiming Adam “framed” the team he pushed into losing their temper, and pretending to be weak and lose control of his aura. Blake being her early-canon self.

Here? You’ve taken S5-6 RWBY and woven Adam’s part into a passable backstory (Dues ex Machina) for a so-far OUTSTANDING story. This is amazing. We’re all waiting with baited breath!

No pressure ‘tho.’
10/25/2020 c5 MalignantSilhouette
I swear that speech Adam said about his scar to Autumn is one of the most badass lines I ever read like holy shit it was so good and the thought of Adam starting to glow red and everything else including some of his body going darker as he continues his speech is such an awesome mental imagine. Awesome chapter! can’t wait for the next! I love this story and the way you write Adam!
10/21/2020 c3 TheDragon2000
This story is starting to get fun! Its like a political debate and fantasy rolled into one. Thanks for sharing and update soon!
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