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1/27 c7 13ScarfedWriter
Also, three neurons Shinobu; the dude stopped you from killing two demons that have chosen flight over fight even if they had the perfect opportunity to take Kanao's life; Tanjirou literally asked her to go with Shinobu, don't you think he was protecting them because he thought they were good demons? Like, even Tanjirou said something like "we good" or "we don't eat humans" if I recall correctly.
1/27 c7 ScarfedWriter
Well, Tomioka was giving away his life for Tanjirou and Nezuko.
Shinobu is the one giving away her life for a deceased one.
12/25/2022 c7 Username
I like the mental image that Muzan is absolutely losing his shit for what happened. In the end, Muzan is a big ass coward.
12/23/2022 c7 Danbooru God
Is Rengoku gonna learn Sun Breathing?
12/11/2022 c7 Guest
Omg this is fantastic! The characters are just like they are in the original manga.
The scene with Giyu and Shinobu was hilarious lol
"Because you're naturally annoying?" Wow Giyu
Please write more I'm excited for the next chapter!
12/3/2022 c7 greatmasterplayer
More chapters pls
11/30/2022 c7 1Jpx0999
waiting for the next chapter
11/28/2022 c6 Orion B
man seeing rengoku using sun breathing always makes me smile
11/26/2022 c7 1KnellaLuna
Yay! Another chapter! You portray all the characters beautifully!
11/8/2022 c7 Naruto Sleep - Runa
11/7/2022 c7 evilstatistic19
Good chapter looking forward to the next one
11/6/2022 c7 Ethan
Please keep updating this story! It’s so good!
11/3/2022 c7 snowbythewood
The interactions are so well-written, and it's refreshing to see a plot that somewhat follows canon but still presents many new and interesting scenes like this one
11/1/2022 c7 Whyiseverythintaken
Great chapter man
10/31/2022 c7 14ahsoei
At least we have some good quality Shinobu x Giyuu here. That said, I hope the next update will not take as long.
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