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for Harry Potter and the Egger Route

4/26 c11 1DragonsBC
A nice Fallout crossover going on right now. Good use of the Institute as a way to introduce your story. I really cannot wait to see where you go from here.
4/19 c11 Egg Eater
Egger Route... Egg Beater... hmmm...
4/13 c11 maijstral
A former space naval officer turned "free trader" with an elderly but very fast and well-armed starship joins forces with a group of mystically powered people who oppose an evil empire that supports slavery. On their first adventure, they have to face off against a planet-sized spaceship full of evil conquerors. The Witches of Karres was Star Wars ten years before Star Wars was a thing.
4/13 c11 OSF
waited a long time for a Karres story - thanks.
4/12 c11 WillItWork
I really liked this chapter. First of all, you actually managed to make the Institute not a complete dump of racist, speciesist jerks. Normally I favor reality ensues, but in this case I will happily except sanity ensues as well.

Hopefully, the two synths Linda and Sarah will be able to go back and explore new environments with them, prompting a total breakdown as their entire understanding of reality is challenged.

As always, thanks for sharing.
4/12 c1 kronoan
I've never heard of The Witches of Karres but I'm really enjoying this story so far! ;)
4/12 c11 Ace Dreamer
James H. Schmitz was one of the better science fiction authors, first half of 20thC. I particularly like his Agent of Vega and Telzey stories. Witches of Kares is quite excellent, and Baen Books reprinting his stuff has been really fun. This is an interesting cross-over, with the usual excellent dbc characterisation.

An older The Lewwit, who is missing her sisters, is a good character. Moderately terrifying, of course. A bemused Dumbledore, a prankster phoenix, speculation as to whether phoenix plus a ritual could get to Harry...

It'll be interesting to see how you mix the worlds together...
4/11 c11 KrisB-71854
With it being The Institute, I can see mad science occurring shortly. I can suddenly see Harry and The Leewit end up with their Synth child. It's sort of an obvious result.
4/11 c11 Joshua the Hand Written
This is a great story. I'm looking forward to seeing it continue.
4/11 c11 Verina Du'Arden
This story is GREAT!
I hope read more of this as soon as you can turn out more chapters.

I'm currently playing a heavily modded PC version of Fallout 4 and I have to wonder how the Sole Survivor would react to meeting these two.
4/11 c11 Smokeing
Aver good story
4/11 c11 fraewyn
Love it!
4/11 c11 2CMVreud
Nice chapter.
And I really want to know the answer to The Question.
4/11 c11 21Joe Fenton
Not sure what Harry was expecting - just do an image search on "industrial agitator"... pretty self-explanatory. Agitators are fairly common in a variety of jobs, from concrete mixers to clothes washers to the humble egg-beater, and share common features.

Also, I don't see synths as having plastic bones or they'd be really easy to detect.
4/11 c11 1Cemalidor
Ok, now i'm kinda scared to enter my kitchen. :XD
Thanks for the new chapter.
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