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4/22 c20 ReignVS
To be honest, I hoped to the last the mysterious woman would turn out to be either a Hitoria, or Carla, or in the most unlikely case, Dina. even with a much lower chance than even Dina I thought it might be someone from the 104th. The final result is both intriguing and accommodating an incalculable number of problems. so, the treacherous Tyburs assholes are even ready to burn bridges behind them, just to prevent the victory of the Reborn Eldian Empire? What a greedy, selfish bastard... But what's new about this?
Thanks for the chapter, I look forward to continuing.
4/22 c17 ReignVS
To be honest, it still remained an unfathomable mystery for me in the canon from the very first moment when Zeke betrayed Grisha, Dina and the rest of the Eldia Restoration Society (or whatever it was called correctly in English?) why he didn't tell any of the Marleans his mother was a descendant of the Royal Family (and, moreover, not bound by the Oath of Cowardice, and yes, I refuse to call it the Oath of Pacifism/Peace, sue me haha), although maybe, just maybe, he was afraid the same as Eren Kruger that a member of the Royal Family (in the absence of Dina, in the case of a butterfly effect fork, then it would be Zeke himself) would be forced to become a parent with many children in order to preserve Fritzes' blood. However, this is only possible if, by the time of his parents' betrayal, he had already decided someday to implement a plan to sterilize all Eldians. if then he hasn't made that decision yet, then I'm going back to my first thought from this comment, lol.
thanks for the chapter, and yes, any problems for Zeke please my wounded heart, what a eugenicist racist asshole.
4/22 c15 ReignVS
I don't blame Dina for human emotions, it's absolutely normal, but wouldn't it be funny to tell the bastardic asshole Tybur that Dinas son has become King, even if Eren is not her own son (and besides, all we know about her so far is she and Carla feel friendly and perhaps even relatives/family feelings to each other, as well as Eren calls her aunt).
Besides, I don't know yet if this is intentional or not, but Willie, bragging about his so-called victory, forgot he hadn't found out from Dina and the other ambassador of Paradise the information he so craved. (however, it's not that marleans racist slave-owners, megalomaniac Willy Taybur, or Marleys brainwashed pets demonstrated any real intelligence even in the canon, but this is only my personal opinion)
Thank you for the chapter and in any case you have at least one reader who does not consider the result of a short conversation between Willy and Dina is the defeat of Paradise.
ps: Unfortunately, English is not my native language, so this comment like the previous one(s) is the result of using a Google translator. I'm sorry for any possible mistakes/errors.
4/21 c3 ReignVS
Ohhh, Username6166, it's not the first time you've written this bullshit of bullshit, and even without checking the comments on the following chapters, I'm almost certainly sure you didn't stop (did you stupid asshole forget the simple rule - 'don't like, don't read'?) so someone should answer you at the end. Yes, this sound is familiar to everyone who reads this interesting fiction, we hear this sound every time we try to read your nickname out loud. Suck it off and get over it.

And thanks to the author for the amazing story. All the fictions where dirty marleans racist and their little brainwashed eldians pets get what they deserve gets a place of honor in my heart and tops the list in my books.
3/18 c1 Guest
thrice digested feces.
3/7 c20 9RedSS
Well, it did take me an awful time to read the chapter, so all is forgiven. Not much to say about the chapter this time: I liked it, but far from my favourite. The jokes on the A/N though were great.

I'm curious as to whether the warhammer titan will side with Eldia, will remain loyal to Marley, or will become a third party. Alas, the time to know that is later.

See ya,
2/26 c1 Guest
You understand that this has too many plot holes ,right? If there was no king’s will to stop anyone to access the complete power of the founding titan and his son got the titan why didn’t he do anything about it. Karl Fritz made the colossal titans for the walls so it is within reason to believe his son can do the same and use that to cause a rumbling, if it came down it, so why would the Eldians in paradis wait for 100 years before doing anything to regain their empire. The only thing that stopped the royal family from actually doing something was the vow of peace. Then there is the issue of Historia being the queen, if we are assuming her backstory is the same as the AOT cannon then she shouldn’t be queen her sister should be because Grisha would not kill the Fritz family if their is no attack on paradis and even if he did try the founding titan at its full power is just too much for anyone to defeat, and if the case is that it’s a different back story, she is just OC with the same name. The same logic goes for Eren, he was just a random boy from the outer wall why would he be married to the Queen, they only meet because they join the Army together and it’s very unlikely that Historia would have joined the Army if the Fritz family was alive . Tbh I like the premise it could have been interesting but the problem is it’s not well thought out for the story to work at all, you change things but have not given a thought to what would be the consequences of that change and if anyone thinks that something as important as the will of the first king can be changed without changes to the story line then you are just kidding yourself.
2/23 c20 Guest
Glad to see you back.

I expected someone from Eldia instead of the Warhammer holder who was talking to Zeke.

Awesome writing as always and will wait for the next chapter.

See you!
2/21 c20 Fuck Names
My stupid self thought it was Historia who was somehow there to persuade him to join Eldia's cause and free him.
2/19 c16 5johnnylee619
Hold on, did the people in the city purposefully killed themselves by unleashing the earthquake?
2/19 c14 johnnylee619
I bet someone who knew the title just as much as Wilhelm took the chance to leave while the title announcement wasn’t done. The length gave them PLENTY of time.
2/19 c20 Krysvun
dun dun dun
2/18 c20 6Rankin de Merthyr
Thanks for the update!
2/18 c20 1Spades231
Wonderful chapter, I do so enjoy the small excerpts from future texts discussing the events. Till next time.
2/18 c20 118MexicanJaeger
I didn’t write this, but hell and heaven know I would have loved to, the story as a whole but this chapter specifically. It hit too close to home and heart author, thank you.
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