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for Eldia für alle Ewigkeith

6/21 c9 Andy1997
Welp, after reading all 9 chapters in this fic so far, I have no doubt that this has the potential to be one of my all time favorites!

First off, the use of germen language in a world undoubtedly inspired by certain... ahem, aspects of Germen culture is really good. Secondly, I'm loving the complete subversion this story is from it's canon counterpart! Without the first kings brainwashing and vow to renounce war, the whole island has been able to keep up with the rest of the world technology wise, plus considering all the unique and plentiful resources Paradis has (likely thanks to the titan powers) they will have access to technological innovations that the rest of the world can only dream of. Also, with the founders ability to heal the sick and wounded, we can assume that their population will be much bigger in this universe. If I had to guess, it would likely be around the population of the UK, maybe slightly more.

And best of all, seeing as Ymir (not the fritz) is in this story despite not having a titan, I think we can assume the founder has the ability to revert titans back to their human forms, without them needing to eat a shifter. This will not only give the island even more manpower, but also allow the inhabitants to settle the entire island, rather then be confined within the walls.

Mostly however, I love the subversion of the characters! Wears in canon we had the military of Paradis splintered and with differing opinions, here they are completely unified under one goal, and even the main cast of the 104th are happy to see Eren again, and vice versa. There will be no secrets kept from each other here! For now at least, the islanders seem a lot happier, let's see how long that lasts! Even small subversions, like having Historia be cold and distant during her cadet days rather then her fake bright and helpful persona in canon are things I love!

And specking of, it's great to see the goddess of the 104th live up to her moniker in this story! Historia with complete control of the Founder is a truly terrifying prospect... for non Eldians at least haha. Not only does she have the Founder, but she also seems to be the true sovereign of her kingdom, rather then just a puppet, and having her Attack Titan king with her will only amplify her image further. The only downside is that she will die in only 13 years, unless she and others can find a way to break the curse perhaps.

And finally, I am so happy this fic will have Erehisu in it! There aren't nearly enough fics out there with this pairing as I would like, so I'm always out on the lookout for more! Not only that, but most of them usually consist of Eren and Hisu keeping their relationship a secret, so it's nice to see them out in the open for a change. Hears hoping we will get some flashbacks to show us not only how they got their powers, but also how they fell in love and ended up marrying each other! And even though I can see that romance will not be the main focus for this fic, I still hope that you can give us plenty of moments between the king and queen of Eldia!

Hopefully we'll get to see Mikasa, Levi and even his original squad soon enough as well. Heck even Mike squad and Hange squad would be nice too!

So yeah, keep up the good work! Like you, I wasn't overly satisfied with the way canon ended, and those final 8 pages kinda ruined it all for me! I really hope this doesn't disillusion you from writing "AoT" fics, and that should you continue, you can give this story a much more satisfying ending! Take care now.
6/5 c9 fahri.uchiha
Floch is always on the right side, xd
6/5 c8 fahri.uchiha
So far so good for development
6/5 c7 fahri.uchiha
Haha feel that!
6/5 c6 fahri.uchiha
The rising of shogun
6/5 c5 fahri.uchiha
6/5 c4 fahri.uchiha
still a bit confused why the coup occurred. didn't the king fritz 145's wish fail?
6/5 c3 fahri.uchiha
this should be Canon, xd
6/5 c2 fahri.uchiha
Hah! Eat that!
6/5 c1 fahri.uchiha
Love this!
5/31 c9 9irosokuyammamoto

In all seriousness, this has been a major inspiration for my own fic, the Flare Titan, and has effectively decided what I'll do for Season 4 instead of the Rumbling.
5/28 c5 Guest
why is eren useless? Why is Historia having powers she shouldn't have?
5/29 c9 Nyelina-Cdes
Wait, what extra pages? what did I miss? Can you please explain it to me?
5/27 c9 6Rankin de Merthyr
You going to read AoT no Requiem? The first page just got teased and art looks great! They're releasing part 1 in two days too.
5/27 c9 139AkumaKami64
Oi. Order, I love this fic, I really do, but I'm hoping for chapters focusing more on Eldia's side than Marley's. As nice as it is to see Marley getting its ass kicked is, I'm dying to see more of what these AU versions of the Paradis cast are like!

That aside, I got a good laugh out of "he did the thing" part. Because, yes, I can see that becomnig a thing with a King-Eren that is ...more mellow, I guess, than canon.

PS Given the ending and your reaction to it, I'm now worried about Mikasa getting shafted in this fic out of spite.
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