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for Eldia für alle Ewigkeith

3/21 c18 1uberKreisler
Hope Uni is treating you well!
I reread this from time to time in patient wait for updates, it's one my favorite aot stories!
2/27 c18 Krysvun
Noooooo. you're making me tear up
2/14 c18 ErrorDataExpunged
This was nice, I do like how the story perspective feels more personal now than it was at the start.

But the expositions at the start was critical for laying the foundation so perfectly understandable.
2/13 c18 MaxTrueOmnipotent1
magical uni
2/13 c15 MaxTrueOmnipotent1
2/13 c14 MaxTrueOmnipotent1
DINA Return
2/13 c13 MaxTrueOmnipotent1
Mika x Eren no Mika x Jean
2/13 c12 MaxTrueOmnipotent1
Levi Arrives
2/11 c18 Guest
I love your fic, there is so much love poured into it that reflects in the lore and relationships between characters.

At least some clues about Historia's past has been dropped, she was Christa before so she was still a illegimate child but I was surprised to see Frieda still alive and the rest of her siblings so Grisha didn't kill them in the chapel unless the one who got killed was Rod since there is no mention of him in the story.

Hope to see Eren and Historia's reunion soon.

And good luck at Uni.
1/25 c18 38Solaire38
Thank you for the great chapter, keep up the good work!
1/24 c18 Killerjoy
Great chapter!
1/23 c18 6Rankin de Merthyr
Good luck with uni and don't end up like the rest of us hikki neets!
1/23 c18 Haxler
that was great, good to see you still interested on the story and continuing it.
1/2 c1 Akuma-Heika
Interesting idea, let's see where this goes!
11/14/2022 c17 Rankin de Merthyr
Thanks for the chapter and I hope your muse comes back soon! Your story is one of the best ones left.
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