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for Eldia für alle Ewigkeith

9/24 c18 17TheSealer
So in this AU, Eren will try to help and change Zeke out of the goodness of his heart. If you're going to play reverse, I bet Zeke will use and betray Eren to get his hands on the power of the Founder.
8/23 c19 1Spades231
Zum sieg!
8/20 c19 ScienceAlienDude
Ngl I really really want a prequel to this like when Eren is still a kid on paradis and how different the place is since their memories weren't wiped.
8/17 c19 3trollzor69
neat a.u
8/10 c19 9RedSS
Talk about unexpected updates... but not unwelcomed. Glad to see you back mate.

Dina and Clara do seem like public figures, I guess. And it makes sense, as none is really what you would call a politician in any way. Poor (not really) diplomats always having to carry things XD

Well, that was that. Read ya later,
8/2 c19 Krysvun
Zum Sieg!
8/1 c19 Guest
8/1 c19 1FenrirPeverell
Que gran capitulo, seria espectacular que no solo regresen las familias nobles menores del viejo imperio, sino que tal vez una o varias de las 9 grandes familias reales regresara de las sombras, tal vez alguna estrechamente vinculada al titan de ataque y la familia real que lo portaba.
8/1 c19 Killerjoy
Another great chapter. Can't wait to see where it will all lead!
7/31 c19 38Solaire38
Thank you for the great chapter, keep up the good work!
7/7 c18 Piandao
Apocalypse Second Great Titan War
5/11 c11 Black Dread
I'm just a bit confused. Are the Hizurans still fighting with swords in modern era warfare despite being quite well developed technology-wise?
5/10 c16 Username6166
You know that sound when you try to hold in a sneeze, but you're not able to, and then when you do the build-up to the sneeze it sounds way different than how it usually does?
5/10 c3 Username6166
Lmao, the list at the end. You know that sound you make when you end up accidentally eating more than your mouth can handle, but you keep on trying to chew anyways, but it turns out that it's too hard to chew on so you need to spit it out, and you can't really spit it out so you kinda just let it spill out?
5/10 c2 Username6166
You know that sound you make when you think you're choking on something so you try to wretch, but it turns out that there's something just stuck on the walls of the top of your throat so you're not choking but it's really uncomfortable and might make you feel like you want to vomit?
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