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2/6/2021 c5 alkirius
If there is something I am sure of, it is that the founding titan is too broken, the attack titan being the only immune one. If they have been preparing for 100 years it means one thing, they have sought total independence from the Titans in addition to seeking an increase in population to hold a war, so the island must have at least 70 million inhabitants, possibly also improved so that infant death is non-existent and delivery more bearable. In technology it should, as I said before, be superior to the powers of the Titans and with the special materials of the island, it would not surprise me if they had technology something similar to that of World War II, a possible lightning war to cover large territories in a short time , both the navy and the air force should also be advanced
1/29/2021 c4 Guest
Wait, what happend to Frieda? Without the Oath of Karl Fritz, I am sure she would just as eagerly fight for the people of Paradis. Thats an interesting concept for a SnK fic though and it has been good so far, so I will wait to see how it will turn out
1/29/2021 c4 kontra sa bida
bruh I love this. I've just recently caught up to the series, and imagine if this all took place in canon,, that'd be so cool
1/28/2021 c4 1Azlaraazsh
Super fanfiction, excellent to read so far and excited for the rest to come !
Keep updating when you can pls !
1/26/2021 c4 yshanz
Just found this and I'm absolutely loving it. I'm just gonna guess that Ymir is borned in Paradis because Marcel should be dead if Ymir is here. And thanks for the Info Bracket Im literally lost on thinking what the hell are those words. Overall great story, looking forward for the next chapter.
1/25/2021 c4 3Adhara Snow
This is so, so good!
Definitely everything I've ever wanted from a Canon what if.
Finally someone who explores the power of the Founder, thank you!
1/19/2021 c1 Guest
Good history
1/19/2021 c4 6SilverPal
This is a very interesting concept that you have going on here, and I look forward to seeing what you write next. I hope to see Eren and Historia interacting soon, and for some shameless love and feelings between them.
1/19/2021 c4 32Sergeant Daniel
This is very interesting to read. Wonder where Eren is, considering that he has the Attack Titan, he might be doing something else. Nice touch on Titan Historia, I always wanted to see what Historia would look like as a Titan. Anyway, please update soon.
1/18/2021 c4 Guest
Waiting for next chapter
1/18/2021 c4 Krysvun
Huh. I think my previous review wasn't sent...anyway!

If Ymir is here then this means that the Warrior infiltration did happen and Marcel still got ea-wait a second. Marcel's alive so the infiltration did NOT happen. Somewhere from 844-846 (due to Ymir still being in the 104th) the pure titans were de-titanized by the Founder. Also implies that Dina is also a human that time. Huh, Grisha would have fun explaining that to Carla.

OR Grisha and Dina (maybe Kruger saved her or something) are Eren's parents and Pixis finally got his wish marrying Carla. THAT would be an interesting turn of events. In this case though, Eren and Historia are distant cousins...welp, that never stopped IRL nobility before.
1/18/2021 c4 Krysvun
If Ymir is here, then this implies that the Warrior infiltration did happen and Marcel still got eaten. If I were to guess, Reiner and the rest went back after that? So Carla lives and Grisha passed the Attack Titan probably around Eren's 12th birthday.
1/17/2021 c4 dawyken
If Eren, Mikasa and Levi's team did not help to take libero it is because they are doing something else, right? Could it be that they went to attack the Tyburs?.
1/17/2021 c4 FirstbornTheFallen
Ah simply brilliant, coming as a reclaimer and healer rather then a conqueror does cause an impression in people's minds.
1/17/2021 c4 147AkumaKami64
Annnnd we're going hardcore with using the Founder as a Propoganda/PR machine, and I vehemently approve of it!

So, Freckles is here...Oh fuck. That means she de-Titanized all of the Pure Titans. But if Ymir is alive now, that means its a recent developement. Huh, wonder if that was a recently discovered ability or was just held back by...whatever caused the Eldian Civil War.

Wait, does that mean Dina is still around? Oh, that would fuck Zeke up. Actually, that means a lot of the Restorationists might still be around. Huh, if you twist fate a bite, Falco and Colt's unlce Grice might still be alive. Now that would be an interesting stand off.

Still, if Historia the damn Founder is out at war, I find it hard to believe Eren himself isn't somewhere in the thick of things or waiting for it to go south and be the back up.

And we got a mention of Mikasa or "Miss Ackerman"- am I wrong for hoping for a threesome between her, Historia, and Eren? Perhaps, but I still will. XPStill, if Eren and her aren't here, I'm going to assume Mikasa is Eren's bodyguard. Offical bodyguard, since, you know, she already acts like one in canon. XP

The scene with Grisha's father was nice. Kind of surprised no one has taken a shot at Historia yet while out of her Titan form.

I'm still waaaay too eager for Historia to Rumble a city or base or something. ...Could Rumble the Fleet. Though, I think they need a new name for "Sea Rumblings." Surges, perhaps?

And they have motorcycles...I have hilarious images of Connie and Sasha trying to show off on motorcycles now.
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