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4/13/2021 c8 148AkumaKami64
Loved the fight. Not much to say, pure chaos as expected. Its like Liberio but with it being pre-planned instead of a last minute thing.

Still, the one thing I don't get is Mikasa. You haven't shown her at all yet despite being mentioned. Pretty sure it was implied she was with Eren while undercover, but might be misremembering something. Still, it is alarmingly weirdthat she hasn't been seen at ALL. Not with Historia and not with Eren or the group that came to retrieve him. That she is with neitther is...strange.

And the Jeagerists are still a thing. Neat. I like the idea of Eren having a faction dedicated to him without causing a civil war in Paradis. I wonder what Historia thinks of her husband basically having a cult? XP

Still concerned about the Curse of Ymir in regards to Historia and Eren. They've both had their titans for at least two years, so that's at most 11 years left. Definitely less than that given someo f the other things mentioned. Unless they've somehow managed to unfuck some of Ymir Fritz's problem.

Hmm, wonder if anyone of note died in this chapter- like Mina or any of the other side characters.

And I get the hatred for the ending .I'm...fine with it. I'm admittedly disappointed by several things, actually kind of hate the comparison trying to be forced between EreMika and FritzYmir relationships. On the plus side, the ending does leave a shit ton of potential for alternate eniding, isekai situations, and timetravel fics.
4/6/2021 c7 Crescent cut 101
Okay so is eren gonna have a special to take down reiner armored titan or something really want to know what happen in the next scene. Marley finally have gotten some karma hope gabi and the rest of the warrior candidate put on reeducation camp
3/30/2021 c7 REE-tard
This was really good!
Can't wait for more!
3/25/2021 c7 Krysvun
OH BOY! Just calling him Kruger was a damning clue. At long last, mah man has finally revealed himself.
3/24/2021 c5 Crescent cut 101
Wait does historia kills willy tybur and got the war hammer titan? Man that's really op power to have and if i imagine manage to deffeat reiner and get his titan making a combine attack armored titan it be the perfect attack and deffense type titan.

Making this war really on the eldian benefit
3/20/2021 c7 32Sergeant Daniel
Ooh, Eren you sly dog. That's where you been hiding. Good chapter, i can't wait for more.
3/17/2021 c7 Austin
Wow this story is highly great so far but question?
Will we see some more expanded lore in the Eldian empire in terms of who were the other seven noble families that held the other seven titan powers?
Like what are their names to be more specific as that's bugging me.

Another question is will there be any updates to your silver bells story as its really good.

But another question is will there be any new stories coming soon in the future that are crossover wise?
Because I'm curious of what crossovers can you throw in with Attack on titan similar to your Silver Bells story.

Whether say Eren Yeager with all nine titan powers in Avatat last airbender as an unknown party in the four nations where people will think his titan forms are spirits. Where he can arrive before the show started like saving Kya from the southern raiders or something else.
Or Game of thrones / Song of ice and fire where Eren lands in say Essos and starts a legend of himself with his titan powers after saving a village who nursed him back to health from a Dorthraki Horde.

Or a Pacific rim crossover where Either Eren with the power of titans is aiding Humanity the Jaegars against the precursors and their kaiju
or...have the Precursors invade the Attack on titan world where the only thing that can match the kaiju are the Titan shifters and perhaps the Anti-Titan artillery.
Because I'm curious of how well if push comes to shove as a last resort Eren and Zeke activate the rumbling in order to have the Millions of Colossal titans to be unleashed against a horde of Anteverse Kaiju with Eren's founding titan form backed by the power of Ymir the founder leading the charge.

Again untold possibilities here now that Attack on titan is going to be ending soon. So we all know what to expect.

Good luck on the next chapter and hope it comes soon.
Also happy St. Patrick's day.
3/17/2021 c7 Guest
More update
3/17/2021 c7 Guest
This is simply brilliant. I love it
3/17/2021 c7 Tenma Kirin
Continue, pls!
3/17/2021 c7 318Traitor of All Traitors
3/17/2021 c7 148AkumaKami64
...Oh, I have been waiting for this. I thought that was Eren, buyt knowing you, there was a chance this was the son of the original Kruger. Still, yes, the Devil King has arrived in all his wicked glory.

Though...where the fuck is Mikasa, and where was she during that two years? I know she's his bodyguard basically, but soomeone of Hizuru descent would stick out almost as much as an Eldian.

Hmm, that sceneless dialouge between Historia and Eren a couple chapters ago makes some sense: she was using the Paths to talk to Eren while he was undercover. I'm glad to see you realized how OP the Founder is even in a lowkey sense- being able to stealth-talk through the Paths is absurdly powerful for commanding a war and is basically spy-proof.

I personally can't wait to get a look of Paradis itself. It just dawned on me that we have no idea how its developed, we've just been seeing the invasion.

And I approve of Eldia's tactic, cutting off a chunk of northern Marley and dealing with it to allow them to dig in better. Granted, I think this has...cultural importance. It might be different in your story, but I'm fairly sure the northern tip of Marley is the ancestral homelands of the Eldians. If you take two outline maps of the world, flip one, the northern end of Marley(AKA South Africa) lands pretty squarely on Germany, which feels appropriate, possibly even intentional on Isayama's part.

Hmm, its interesting seeing Reiner like this, without he mindfuck of the Paradis Mission. Without it, he's still in the midnset of hating all the Island Devils and anyone that might be sympathizing with them, but he also is starting to question it, albeit unwillingly.

I'm also going to guess that Eren was hoping that...somekind of rebellion might start to grow among the Eldians in MArley's army after the announcement, hence his disappointment.

Hmm, and just him and Annie against Eren. That is an interesting first match up. It'll be interesting to see just how Eren has grown as a fighter without their influence. And we need the King of the Devils to kick some ass on his debute.

I forget where Bertolt is, but I'm going to assume its somewhere near the hellfront.

Speaking of the Hellfront, where is the line exactly? Not sure how thick it is, but by pure guess work, I'm assuming that it starts in what is relatively mid-to-north Mozambique and they're trying to get it to cut all the way to a shore in southern Angola.
3/17/2021 c1 Crescent cut 101
wow really want to know what happen next, eren have been spying and pretending to be a marlean soldier for two whole years he needed to act and supressed himself then. he's the king in paradise island and being treated like cattle by marley.

hope eren have some op attack titan ability since he is alone as right know historia and his army is in liberio and eren now trying to take down the marlean northern force by suprise
3/17/2021 c7 2Azura Soul Reaver
Awesome delivery of Eren's speech!
3/16/2021 c7 HighFlyingWings
Good Job on the chapter! Things are heating up.

I wonder why he's allowed to be an infiltrator in Marley? I doubt Historia or even the rest of the higher-ups in Paradis would allow him to become "The Owl 2.0" without a damn good reason, what with him being the King and the Attack Titan and all that.

Also, once 139 comes, ngl, I wanna see what Historia and Eren plan to do with the Power of the Titans (and the curse of Ymir as well) in your fic, so that Ymir's shackles can be removed at last.
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