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11/26 c9 Leigh-Annette
‘Lo my dear,
Great to see a new chapter - I am always impatiently waiting for more so glad to hear of the 3 grand monster appearing next week

Stay safe ️
11/26 c9 Guest
your writing is so expressive and it was great to read Naima explore her feelings. great chapter!
11/19 c7 Leigh-Annette
Hey, just wanted to say I’m really enjoying the story so far. Your character building is great and the slightly shorter chapters give the story an episodic feel - love it!

Also, to add to your glossary, just so other readers know: the term ‘wudu’ refers to obligatory ablutions performed before any of the 5 prayers.

Ta and please keep it up!
11/19 c7 sarah0406
I like Eve. She’s funny. Her dad however, not in this chapter...
11/8 c5 Jamila Jamie
11/8 c4 Jamila Jamie
...I have some feelings about how Imprinting is portrayed here. They make sense. Don't get me worng you've established the type of AU this is being set it and I'm enjoying the discussion. But what's going to happen with the others?

And if the rules of Impritning are the same then what if Emily doesn't truly feel that way about Sam? or changes her mind? Will that mean that he's bound to her again?

I'm a bit confused but also very interested in seeing how this is going to continue.
11/8 c3 Jamila Jamie
I think I love Eve a little bit. And is it like Eve like Howa?

Also...24 chapters are done? Wow. I'm really impressed that you've got much of it finished.
11/8 c2 Jamila Jamie
I really am enjoying this. I haven't seen many fics out there that have a character who isn't white and I'm glad I've stumbled across this one.

I'm also muslim so I'm interested to see how the romance is going to work out with Naima and Sam (btw I like the name Naima too).
11/6 c4 1TheRocketReader
Wow! I’m so intrigued by this story and can’t wait for you to continue. I’m looking forward to reading more!
11/5 c4 sarah0406
I love the way you write the wolves’ thoughts!
11/4 c3 9Love.Fiction.2020
Likin it
10/26 c2 Love.Fiction.2020
Interesting start

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