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4/11 c29 1Otterly.adorkable
Is it bad of me if I say that I feel sorry for everyone? Like, they all have so many problems to deal with. Naima with her dad, family, and the pack. Eve with the imprint, her family, trying to fit in. Sam with the pack, Naima, the imprint, his grandfather. And so on and so forth. Also, this book is about to end?! Noooooo! What! Uggghhh, I guess I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. Who knows, maybe I’ll come back to reread it in the future.
4/10 c1 acederaruss
Reading a good story like this one, I suggest you join NovelStar’s writing competition this April.
4/4 c28 sarah0406
I’m curious about what Naima is writing. You said it was fiction, but I don’t remember if you talked about it more...
4/4 c28 1bleachxPJ
The fighting was good! Dont worry about it. I like Sam and Naima's interaction in this chapter.
3/28 c4 Guest
3/22 c26 sarah0406
Eve just said what we are all thinking. Hurray!
3/21 c26 1Otterly.adorkable
Honestly, I think this Bella is the one that’s not seen enough. When I first read Twilight, I thought Bella was the most innocent thing ever that didn’t deserve any of the shit that happens to her. After I got in fanfiction and read other people’s portrayal of her, my view changed really fast. She strings Jacob along for her benefit, she doesn’t think about the consequences of her actions, and she’s really shallow and selfish. Also, she’s too nosy. Like girl, mind your own business. I really can’t understand how the Cullen family likes her. I mean, they have to be really wise with the centuries of knowledge they have under their belt, right? Anyways, I really like this change in Eve. Someone needs to stand up to the bullshit that is Jacob and Bella. And Eve is in the perfect position to do that, as she’s Jacob’s imprint. I just really really want to see her tear into him. And he had no right to give Bella Eve’s address! That’s straight up an invasion of privacy! Although Eve is Jacob’s imprint, that doesn’t mean he owns her and can do whatever he wants with her. For fuck’s sake, he doesn’t even acknowledge her as his imprint, so he is stepping way out of line with telling Bella everything about Eve. I know he practically worships the ground Bella walks on, but that still doesn’t make this okay. Okay, rant concluded. Sorry for all the cursing. I don’t usually do that unless I get worked up about something. Anyways, thanks for the update!
3/21 c26 Guest
Oh ugh that Bella scene just made my blood boil... her audacity. I'm glad Eve has Brady and Collin. She needs friends and she doesn't have to be in a relationship. I think her attitude is also what makes her strong. She tried giving Jacob a chance, and he didn't even hear her out. Then Bella shows up at her door.
3/15 c25 3firstofhername
I love this story so much I can’t wait for the next chapter
2/28 c25 1Otterly.adorkable
I’m a masochist for angst. I hate it, but I also love it because hey, content is content. Is Naima getting chills because she’s away from Sam for so long? I’ve read a fanfic where extended time away from each other (the imprint and imprintee) can start to form symptoms/ an illness. Also, is it bad that I kind of want to see them suffer a little more? I just want to see if my theory on the chills is right. And I wish you success on your new job! See you in a couple of weeks!
2/22 c24 Otterly.adorkable
Honestly, I kind of expected Naima to take the information better. But thinking back on it, it’s to be expected. It’s outlandish and the first reaction for anyone is disbelief. I guess it’s just the amount of twilight fanfics that have OCs that believed it right away raised my expectations. Also, Jacob bringing Bella to the bonfire while Eve is there is such a dick move. Like, dude, you have an imprint and you have the gall to throw yourself at another girl in front of her? At least have some sense of decency, geez. Since I’m a spiteful and petty person, Eve should just flirt with another guy in front of Jacob. Is that haram since Islamic women need to be more modest? I saw this video that said that Islam is all about intent, so the aim for jealousy part might not fly. Oh and is Naima’s story a real legend/ myth/ fairytale? If not, then it’s so cool how you made that feel like an actual story.
2/21 c23 IDoBeReading
I’ve never had the pleasure of reading a Jamaican OC and I’m in LOVEEEE. As a Jamaican girl of non Christian faith this is everything to me. And the fact that the story is actually good?! Happy as can be
2/15 c23 Otterly.adorkable
I really like how each chapter is so educational about Islamic/ Muslim culture while also including plot. My city is about to get our first halal restaurant as the population is rapidly growing. Just a little relatable news :)
2/8 c1 bee
oh my god, I don’t think I’ve ever found a fanfiction with an original Muslim character, let alone in the twilight fandom (unless they’re not Muslim and I’m getting my hopes up). Like there’s some characters of color who are the main character if I’m lucky, but Muslim? that’s never happened. Either way, I’d be happy even if she wasn’t Muslim it’s nice to see some minority religion rep since ppl are usually too afraid to write it in fanfiction.

I tried googling shipoquaht and hoquaht, but I only found this fanfiction. Based on context clues I assume hoquaht means white person/colonizer and shipoquaht means non-white in their language? Unfortunately it’s nearly 9am where I am and I have not slept so I don’t have the brain power to really go digging, but I’ll do so later :)

The story seems fun so far, and I like how you’ve chosen to write the pack mind as part of the narration as the wolves interject or say their pieces instead of as straight up dialogue. It flows really well, and I think you did a really good job of doing that (it seems hard to do and like something that takes skill).

I’m very excited to read the rest :)
2/1 c20 GuestMG
So... I didn't know you could only review once per chapter and I didn't mean to be abrupt. I was just shocked! Anyways... here's what I wanted to also leave as comments:
Your writing style is awesome and I'm loving the character growth in both the sisters. I also really like Eve's close friendship with Collin and Brady! I'm still hanging on to find out what Sam and Naima will turn out to be!
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