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for The Man Through The Mirror

12/26/2020 c6 5Citopal
love the tone of this fic. i always love it when harry is depicted as an otherworldly kind of character. please update this fic! would love to see more of it!
12/16/2020 c6 TomRiddlesTwin
Fantastic! Small hole is that first chapter said she went through the mirror because of a thank you. As always, I love your stories!
10/30/2020 c6 1Ms.Creant
I love this story. It has such brilliant potential.
10/28/2020 c6 Trance20666
I love the chapter.

I’m so excited for Hawthorn to meet the Gentleman. What does he think of her? It seems he knows her father (and it’s not James.) because he recognized the eyes. I wonder who it is. Is he still alive? Is Hawthorn a Changling or Pureblooded Fae (wouldn’t makes sense unless her mother was one too.) if the Gentleman thinks the magic where Hawthorn is at is weak, I can’t imagine what it will be like in the Fae realm or Jon’s world. Just how more powerful would she be once she has full access to magic?
10/27/2020 c6 FaeGhostReader
I hate cliffhangers...
10/23/2020 c5 Trance20666
So I guess that somewhat answers my question at whether Jon still meets Arabella or not. I don’t know yet if they will marry though. (I hope not. Otherwise how will he end up with the pairing listed? It doesn’t say Jonathan Strange/Arabella/Harry/Thistledown, so I imagine she’s not part of the picture by than. Maybe she dies? Or ends up marrying someone else because Jon is just too undecided for her peace of mind?

I’m not ashamed to say I squealed like a mental patient (I scared my cat.) when I read the last of the summary for the next chapter. I CANT wait for the gentleman with thistledown hair to meet Hawthorn. I bet their both intrigued by the other after first sight.
10/21/2020 c3 FaeGhostReader
This is really really interesting so far. I can’t wait to see where this goes.
10/21/2020 c3 Trance20666
From the last chapter, (I forgot to ask in my comment before.) it sounds like Hawthorn’s father might still be alive. That it wasn’t James. If so, who is it? Probably a Fairy? (Are they called Fae?) or does she only have Fair folk blood in her from one of her parents (possibly both) and it held dormant until her for whatever reason?

I’m really looking forward to when Hawthorn goes to Jon’s world (maybe she ends up in Faerie and she meets Thistledown and like usual, she leaves a impression.) and causes havoc there. They will have no idea what to do with her.

I wonder if her brand of magic is different to there’s. From what I looked up, Magicians don’t appear to need wands and Jon is unusual in how strong his is. He uses it in ways others believed were impossible. She will fit right in with him. She does the impossible all the time. Others aren’t even surprised by it anymore.

If Hawthorn meets Jon earlier, does that mean he doesn’t marry his wife from canon? He’s 17 in this chapter, but he might be older in the next one and I think many married very young in those days.

I’m anxious to read more.
10/21/2020 c2 Trance20666
Great chapter! Thanks for writing. I love the style. You always make each fem Harry different for each story (that’s remarkable.)

Please be safe.
10/20/2020 c1 Trance20666
I never seen the show or read the books, but I’m very interested and look forward to the story continuing. I’m anxious to read more.

I love your ideas. Their are all wonderful.
10/19/2020 c1 pillock
Looks interesting

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