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for There's Got to Be a Better Way

6/7 c10 EvaMIA
Ah Lester had met his prank match!
5/2 c10 ChristinaS
The MerryMen are such sweethearts!
Steph has so much more going on for her than she realizes. The guys will help her recognize that.
If Morelli knew about her skill with a firearm, he might reconsider many of his words!
4/27 c10 GarbanzoBeans
Tank and everyone are big and scary but not cold hearted and if somethings work better for people and it does the same good its of no matter to change. Lester tried but he has to be smarter than the average bear to get one over on Steph.
4/25 c10 Caren47
Silly Les thinking he could prank Steph successfully. He won’t get anything by her. Thanks for another chapter so quickly.
4/25 c10 melyons
I wish I had Tank for a boss.
4/25 c10 JB
Well that went better than she could have thought with Tank. Tank read straight into the why without hesitation, he is that good. Nice catch on the chair Steph, love the you knew something was up, good on you. Thanks for sharing, look forward to more of the story. JB.
4/25 c10 2trhodes9
Maybe working with the guys - pranks and all - will help her mature a bit and get a little lift in her estimation of herself.
4/25 c10 1txbabefan
That went well!
4/25 c10 baileygirl12
Great job! Thanks for the rapid update. Love this story.
4/25 c10 Guest
Les is treating her well, pranks and all
4/22 c9 Caren47
I love this strong Steph. She’s made up her mind to get better at her job and she is going through with it. Thanks for coming back to this story. Love it so far.
4/22 c9 baileygirl12
Loved this chapter!
4/22 c9 GarbanzoBeans
Stephanie is very committed to her training and self improvement. Les is a good friend and listener to realize running is something to be replaced by another aerobic activity. Thanks for the update.
4/22 c9 JB
So great to see an update to your story, appreciate it. So smart of Les to get her talking, he's good and sure does care. Enjoyed this chapter, thanks for sharing. Look forward to more of the story. JB.
4/22 c9 txbabefan
That definitely puts a different spin on why she hates running. I love Les' attitude and how he's willing to work with her.
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