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12h c5 timberw777
Not gonna lie. Took me a little to get into this story but the first chapter was long enough for me to immerse myself into the concept. Wonderfully done, but you my friend are evil. T-T I will forever wonder of the future of the two Harrys and their families.
6/8 c5 rankokunalpha1
5/6 c5 moonlight echoes
I get that you favored Harry Black but I'm kinda disappointed that you never had him meeting Death with Parallel Harry, (which would have put even Black in his place). Also was kinda hoping to see Black's reaction to Dark Harry actually being unleashed during the Crystal lesson. Black was fucking with Life and Death which is undoubtedly Parallel's domain. Death popping into superspace and flicking Black in the forehead would have been hilarious.
Overall, amazing story. 10/10
5/4 c5 AtrusMagick
Was anyone else getting vibes of Transformers Cinematic History with the description of the Black Dragons for Older Harry's son, James, and Eitri's thoughts on it? Think about it. Unique, malleable metal, a core of programing and a spark of life? And having the rail be a sword in its humanoid form? Beast Wars or Transformers?
4/21 c5 Schirman
I find this interesting, I think it would be fun to read about origins going to other universes like star wars and star trek and such..
4/11 c2 TCentraL
nope gave up mid way, acting all high like that shit. your summary sucked ass, its not post with origin its origin come to post to fuck with. post was good, origin I couldnt get past 6 chapters. sorry
4/10 c5 AzureDragon363
Not complaining/criticizing but you made everyone in the Parallel verse look like cavemen, even Tony who invented the Iron Man suit and the miniature Arc Reactor with only one other person and a basically medieval workshop, which is somewhat amusing
4/7 c5 KEB
Great! It would be interesting to see how 19 years changes New Old(by a month) Harry and his technology. Thanks for writing!
4/4 c5 Guest
good sor
4/3 c3 2RyMalice
While I get that Origin Harry doesn't want to make things easy for Parallel Harry, seeing as he created all his own stuff without help, he is being a real dick about some stuff. You have made him able to grasp and understand pretty much all of Parallel Harry's best work, and yet he refuses to share anything with someone who is the exact same person as him and is instead playing games with him. Heck, he gave the Dwarves the ability to lay sole claim to trinium, which would in fact hold his counterpart back in advancing in some ways. Yeah, they are different versions of the same person, but still...

And your comment from the end of Origin about this story being mainly to show how overpowered Origin Harry is compared to Parallel Harry is very apt, simply by the fact that everything Parallel Harry can do and has done, Origin Harry can do as well, if not better, while he refuses to share even the smallest of advances with his own counterpart and instead gives bits and pieces to various other people and vague hints. Parallel Harry has only seen a few things Origin Harry can do, and while he can figure a few things out, maybe, he can't compare to the God of Magic, who figures things out in a glance.

All in all, it's been a great series of stories and I've enjoyed the ride, but I still feel Origin Harry is being a complete dick simply because he can, an interesting departure from what I've come to expect of him from the other stories, where he was usually secretive for a very good reason to protect his friends and family and to protect his secrets from enemies...who aren't in this universe.
3/27 c5 raysterek92
Question: why didn't older harry give harry black the infinity stones? They would be in a different universe so noone could use them and noone could try and get them back if either harry hid the knowledge with a fidelius
3/26 c5 Bishop1775
Hi. I really liked both the individual stories, but the SG1 Harry made this hard to read. I don’t think I’ll be able to go back and read the SG1 story again after this. He was that much of a jerk. I have to say that I do like your writing style. Your structure and point of view was definitely on point. Even though there were issues here I will read anything you put out in future. Thanks for sharing!
3/18 c5 5Queen Farli
Apocalyptic Potter is one of my favourite fanfics and I do like origins and its precursor but I admit to disliking this story. Well other than the first chapter which was brilliant. I liked your fae characterisations.

Yours writing is really good, 2 Harrys and they both kept to distinct character. I could always tell who was who, it is a brilliant piece of literature and characterisation.

I just hated Harry Black. He was a depsiable arrogant arsehole. All entitled and holier than thou. He wasn't anywhere near as insufferable in his own series, was he feeling emasculated or threatened or something? I'm not talking about the thing with Crystal which was probably necessary and good writing,nice emotions.

He was generally pushy and unpleasant and then stole, actively stole, Tony and Apocalyptic Harry's protected works with no shame or true reciprocity. He pulled up copies of Tony's runes early on, you can't say he didn't store them somewhere, then did something to gain Harrys Enchanter abilities. Family magic is oh so sacred, is it? Clearly only if it's his. He's a dick.

That being said, it doesn't stop it being well written, you seemed to hit it was written as such deliberately. I don't know how you can prefer Harry Black to Apocalyptic Potter but each to their own.

I am very much looking forwards to your next fic, your stories are always fun. Will it also be Harry Potter? You've done aspect of death and aspect of magic, time and love next, right? (joking, I think they've been included in Origins ans Apocalyptic already)

Thank you for sharing your stories,

Queen Farli
3/13 c5 Darknite
great story. maybe you could write a story with harry potter or possibly taylor from worm having the powers of Doctor Manhattan from the Watchmen
3/1 c5 1Dr Gero
Finally finished! When a story is complete I normally only review at the end and if I feel strongly one way or another. While I really enjoyed your first Parallel Universe story, I had mixed feelings on Back to the Beginning and mixed feelings again on Origins. Since they were complete I wanted to see how things unfolded; I still enjoyed the story enough to continue while having some issues.
One of my biggest issues with BttB was the dark situations students had (or nearly had) happen to them that was implied to have actually occurred in the original story. That rubbed me the wrong way, but I'm glad that was somewhat addressed in this crossover by the Harry's comparing their original universes and finding they *may* be different. I was also waiting for Harry's relationships to turn... well abusive (if by another name), but thankfully that didn't happen and their relations waited until they were somewhat older and everyone was informed of his actual age surprisingly earlier than I thought (I liked that and informing others early, btw!).
Origins I'm conflicted on because while I love the SG1 inclusion, the power creep starts to become really noticeable. In PU I felt Harry's power creep was earned and fairly natural, which I love to see. He lived through the world ending and had the combined knowledge of a lot of the Wizarding world in his Backup Plan, while Harry Black had the knowledge of the original Harry, but with a scientific angle and odd affinity for wandless magic I never felt was fully earned or reasoned away. The knowledge rings were another advantage I never fully liked.
So in Origins when he starts getting to ascended power levels and manipulating stars and dimensions, it feels like too much too fast for me. After Harry B casts the detection spell on the sun and almost dies (which I liked! Not that he was almost killed but that it was a mistake), but after that it feels like everything is very easy.
Finally back to OmPU, we have the height of Harry B in Origins which I thought was overpowered, to meeting one of my favorite worlds in recent readings and basically show off how "awesome" he is every chapter. If it was done in a different way I may have enjoyed it more, but his little lessons aside it mostly feels like godlike!Harry (who is godlier than the adopted god) showing off and being really smug and smarmy about it; maybe it was supposed to be prideful? Much more so than I remember him being in Origins.
So my final impression is mixed, but I still enjoyed the overall story and I was happy to see a bit of the PU gang again (the first chapter felt like we were right back with them).
Thanks for all the work you put into this! I'm looking forward to reading your next endeavor.
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