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for Origins meets Parallel Universe

2/21 c1 Jimbo99
Yeah, the idea of two universes clashing sounds really good, and I may sound like a broken record here, but I didn't like Harry Black's character.

Post-Apocalyptic Potter is arguably my favourite Avengers story that I've read, so I didn't really like reading it. I suppose I also feel like due to my bias, I'd prefer it if the story didn't have Harry Black being the stronger one, but actually vice versa. I really think it would have been cool if Harry could unleadh his element and put Black in his place.

Then again, I am a bit biased because I really like Post-Apocalyptic Potter and it almost ruined that story by having the two worlds clash. Idea is sound but personal bias of readers probably affected how much we could handle the premise of the story and the emphasis on Harry Black.

It is however, a testament to how enjoyable your first story (Parallel) was, so great work there
2/7 c3 Galaleo
So I read two and a half chapters and kinda hated HB. Like i read and enjoyed both Orgin books but when Harry Black shows up he's kind of just a smarmy git. He swags in starts explaining how Potter is doing all these things, takes advantage of how nice Potter is and basically rubs his superiority into his face. Then goes around contracting information to different people in a way to protect his "family magic" but does it in a way that feels like he is just tempting them to break the contracts by piecing it out and getting way more in return. Not to mention Black acts like he is so much better but his character really shows when he is standing next to Potter. Black looks like a petulant child next to Potter but the story is written in a way to make him seem 'better, faster, stronger'.

Overall its not something I enjoyed even though I loved the individual stories themselves. Keep up the good work.
12/22/2023 c2 1Wakiyamani
And the Great Luniuum is proven, all Luna's are one Luna, all the same, all the time!
9/19/2023 c5 pincho
I liked this one better than the Origin story. It was a fun short read. Thanks for sharing!
8/1/2023 c3 Guest
Jesus, Harry Black is such an unbearably smug asshole in this story, constantly insulting people and taking all sorts of knowledge while giving very little in return. It kinda ruins the first 2 stories with him to see what an unlikable prick he turns into.
6/14/2023 c5 Guest
Hay una historia de Harry cuervo de otro autor, sería interesante ver a uno de estos Harry reaccionar a un encuentro con ese mundo
6/14/2023 c5 Guest
En realidad setia bueno ver algunas historias más de los harry en marte, un poco de magia en el equipo SG y la reacción de MACUSA
5/7/2023 c5 Cwhit930
I enjoyed the meeting of the mad scientist and enchanter Harrys. Thanks for the addition.
2/27/2023 c5 Melissa Moyer
I love both these Harrys. Though I think I like the MOD one just a bit more than the Science one. Mainly because he seems more grounded and realistic. Though if the two had suddenly combined when they touched and became one Harry with the full knowledge and capabilities of both together that would be an interesting story.
2/23/2023 c1 2Slowest Turtle
This version of Harry has the emotional intelligence of a baked potato. We love him, but he's kinda dummy thick.
2/18/2023 c5 2ChibiChula
I just had a scary thought. With knowledge of how to build a Room of Requirement and Origin Harry's tendency to tinker with spells and rituals... What if he made a room with P-A Harry's enhancement to effect outside the boundaries of the room (but probably to the point of covering a whole planet with access to one of his batteries) and having one in Harmony? What if he gave it his ability to deconstruct and rearrange molecules? Can you imagine him plopping one on an empty planet and simply having it collect precious resources for him? Or equipping it with everything it would need to terraform a planet and setting it to work under time dilation? Actually, he could set it to collect all edible nutrients and water from empty worlds too (a reasonable amount, not enough to kill a planet) and could create nutrition blocks that could be transfigured into any other food and drink and never have to worry about that again. Heck, he could put one on every planet (or keep moving them around) just to look for trinium for him! OMG, my brain is going to scary places right now. I love it! ><;
2/18/2023 c5 ChibiChula
You know, Origin's Harry had the capability to just download and store all the data on the entire internet of the Post-Apocalyptic Harry's Earth. Did he do that? I mean, after filtering out stuff they don't want, of course. Might have made for an interesting omake if they found fanfiction about P-A Harry (or other Avengers and new friends) on it, lol.

I was a bit sad to not see Origin's Harry stop by for a visit 19 years (their time) later, even if only just to torment Tony a bit more. ;D

This was an interesting mashup/meeting of the AU's though. I wonder if you'll ever add to it? Thanks for sharing! <3
1/29/2023 c2 This
chapter alone is worth reading.
It’s hilarious (sometimes).
Peeps, just skip to this chapter
1/10/2023 c5 ironspike68
That was a fantastic, and clever, crossover within your own universes. Loved it!

10/27/2022 c5 3Aeryun
I loved all 3 of these stories! Thank you!
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