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for Origins meets Parallel Universe

6/12 c1 IronHair
5/11 c5 Shiaira73
It was a fun ride. Thanks for the journey, I really enjoyed it.
5/10 c5 Incantations7
I did rather enjoyed seeing the interactions between the Harry’s as well as the Luna’s. The fact that you have both Luna’s be the same was actually a good way to make what and how she is make sense…
4/20 c5 20Shadow Silvertongue
I do have a question...did Origins-Harry get Neville & co. at the the end of this story from Harry Odinson's original reality and then store them in a stasis diamond? That end bit was a bit confusing. (Tbf, it has been a while since I've read the Parallel Universe fic, so I don't remember much of it.)

Shadow xx
4/12 c5 Anem
This was a little disappointing in how underpowered it made Parallels universe Harry seem. I mean, while Origins universe Harry has Magic, Parallels Universe Harry has Death. It just made the character of P-Harry feel disappointing despite the fact that I liked him quite a lot.
4/9 c5 1Jimbocous
Thanks. Good grins, and a nice wrap to the whole thing, I think,.
12/28/2021 c5 tpthornburg
Oh man i just can't believe it's over! I'm definitely looking forward to more stories from you. You have one hell of a creative mind.

Thank you
11/4/2021 c5 Enforcer209
Well I like the first chapter and the last few paragraphs in the last chapter but the rest of this story just annoyed me. Harry black is a arrogant piece of shit not likeable at all
10/16/2021 c5 19SassyDKitten
oh man i feel like there could be so much more with this! all of the little adventures with HB going and getting Neville and the others! Or Loki finally manning up and getting together with Luna! Gah! *flails*
10/7/2021 c2 18IAmOutOfIdeas
Ugh, making younger Harry’s world the original totally ruined this for me. I just finished reading Parallel Universe, so finding out “Origins Harry” is seemingly more important is fucking annoying
10/6/2021 c5 4fundaore
10/2/2021 c5 KnowInsight
Great crossover of your own work. Well heinleined (he made a crossover with his own work in the universe is myth series in case you don't know). Loved Younger Harry's last gift!
9/18/2021 c2 Richolse
Really not a fan of Harry Black in this story. Post-apocalyptic was one of my favorite Potter fics and I think I am gong to stop here to avoid ruining it.
9/6/2021 c5 atymer
I enjoyed the two versions of Harry getting to meet. I'm happy that island Harry was almost as overwhelmed as I was about Mars Harry's tech and magic expertise.
Really exciting ride in both universes.
8/15/2021 c3 TrumpasaurusRex
Harem trash. It’s nauseating.
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