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for Team 7 : DxD

1/14 c2 Beancan69
Great story I really love it can’t wait for more
1/11 c2 CalmnessInTheStorm
1/7 c2 Guest
So awesome I originally thought it was gonna be some sad depressing story because of the beginning but then it just became so good.
1/8 c1 KakeruPB
Considering the story just started I want to point out that Sasuke having a harem is hard to even imagine and it's only easier to see him paired with a single woman cause of Canon with Sakura. Hope u choose the right woman cause he is harder to figure out than Naruto. If anything the only one I can think from this series that might fit him would probably Sona but if you don't like that u can always go the Canon route.

Anyway's interesting story so far and can't wait for more!
1/6 c2 Cevandri
Any updates coming up?
12/31/2020 c2 Uncle Dork
bruh, hope you continue
12/30/2020 c2 Azaleaelf
update please
12/15/2020 c1 ArashiNokitsune
ok I'm fairly sure that Naruto is not that much of an idiot, there was several foot in mouth moments for Naruto if that is what it is called
12/15/2020 c2 AshBladeHentai
Damn this is a masterpiece and definitely needs to be read. And incredible job Author-san and keep up the amazing job you've done so far
12/13/2020 c1 xXWrathOfNergalXx
I hope to see an update, the story is looking good
12/11/2020 c2 ryuu no kage660
when will the next chapter come
12/6/2020 c2 HydraShinobi
Bruv listen, please update. Great story idea plz give me update I’m going through a crisis rn
12/4/2020 c2 Azaleaelf
dude i really need the new chapter...
11/30/2020 c2 1Blackplant
That was a fantastic beginning. I'm going to read more of this for sure.
11/29/2020 c2 shukkets
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