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for Team 7 : DxD

5/17 c7 Rairi Valelira
5/16 c2 Rairi Valelira
Sunny chibi!
... ur the bitch... lol
5/16 c1 Rairi Valelira
Horny jail
5/16 c7 Kashiki032
still waiting. Oh btw,

"I like your beardSovietWomble 2016

stay safe man
5/11 c7 hunterlife
update pls
5/6 c7 dimraven
Awesome chapter! I think it's a great idea to give Sakura Ddraig. Now everyone is super-power, plus, Sakuras tsundere attitude fits great with a tsundere Dragon :D lol
5/5 c7 1Salazar1537
This fic is amazing! I love everything about it? Really, you should ignore the guest reviews, a lot of them are just trolls and that mainly want to talk big when they don't even review with an actual account. Keep up the great work!
5/4 c7 mauler564
Yoo im loving this fanfiction!
5/2 c7 1paleoboybostrom12
i wish to see uncle sasuke hanging with kunou
4/27 c7 Bigbangredhead
Yo keep up the good work. This story is straight fire. I do enjoy how we have 4 mc and that kakashi and sakura got divine divide and boosted gear. Also on how the characters are developed and finding roles that fit them
4/23 c6 SLappYNano
oh man. i was actually looking forward to the interactions between kakashi and issei. well this works as well i guess
4/17 c7 Surfing cipher
I really like your povs with all the different characters and their problems and its no problem that naruto isn't in every scene cuz we have 4 mc now don't we don't know why people are asking that love your work and hope you continue p.s. devils are overrated in dxd
4/15 c1 1RyderPhenex
do u often use trash talk to compensate for ur certain insecurities? I mean that's rather sad. Hope u get over those soon. gd luck
4/12 c6 sharingankakashi007
Poor Issei
For all his faults, he had potential to mature into a perverted but good (somewhat) person with some effort
4/12 c7 sharingankakashi007

I like how Naruto just looked at him and his presence and Kyuubi did the rest
Over confident assassin
And threatening Kunou

I do like how both Kakashi and Sakura got power ups
But my favourite thing is how they are all healing and getting over their various issues
That canon never dealt with

And sakura saying that she's enough
Damn man made me smile soo much

I like that you gave some good reasons for power levels shown here
Naruto is basically the Juubi jinchuriki
Sasuke is just that hax and all his doujutsu techniques are even more hax
I absolutely love that you beat Vali not just through fighting
But buy using soul manipulation
Just bloody brilliant
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