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11/24 c12 Guest
Out of curiosity, have you seen Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss, if so, remember that one Hero Garou punched in the conference room, Heavy Tank Loincloth? Garou basically said to him "Yeah, I think you're done, nighty night gramps". Now imagine if an OPM and Hazbin/Helluva story was made and Garou was used, Stella is known for looking down on the lower class and reminding them of that, she'd certainly feel that way about humans, Garou would probably refer to the humans on a regular Earth as a bootleg, cardboard, retarded version of his own, or hypocritical, entitled, triggered little bitches with the intelligence of wet paper. He would likely even refer to Heaven and Hell as not all that threatening. If Stella at some point got in Garou's face and told him he needed to know his place, he likely wouldn't take kindly to that as Darkshine did the same thing to him, I can picture Garou punching her and knocking her out while saying "No I think you're done, nighty night grandma". So what do you think, not that I'm asking you to do this or anything, I just think it'd be pretty funny if he actually did that to her. Octavia and Stolas' eyes would probably bug out of their skulls and jaws hit the table, Blitzo would probably burst out laughing at that. How do you think Garou would fare in that setting, he hates good, evil and injustice, but Hazbin Earth's humans are overemphasized on good, evil, many injustices, stupidly retarded, hypocritical (which Garou also hates), bigotry, humans are everything and the most complicated race in the universe, and yes Garou would hate Heaven and Hell because they represent good and evil but I think Hazbin Earth would drive him insane because of all the retarded bullshit that goes on and he'd be disappointed that there are no Heroes to hunt yet no Monsters to look up to. Imagine if Garou confronts either Angels or Demons who are still trying to figure out who he is and where he came from, now imagine if they find out he's from another universe and demand he come clean, and Garou whispers this into their ears menacingly.

Garou: About that other Earth I came from, metaphorically speaking, I was it's "Lucifer".

I also believe OPM GOD is more powerful than Lucifer's father (Christian God), all he has to do to defeat/kill him, is step on, similar to Godzilla vs Zilla if you will...
11/25 c12 Efthee
awesome fic. can't wait for more
11/14 c12 Reter
Midoriya in Akame ga kill world
10/13 c12 boss kaiju
We are waiting for the next part, and we are impatient, because this story is great; easily one of the best MHA and OPM crossover that I have ever read.
10/5 c12 4Ghost Angel14
Huh, I liked this way more than I thought I would. I was originally just waiting for his old world to come in and see him use his power for the usual shock and awe factor-but this has actually been a pretty cool AU to the OP series.

I was especially excited for the Boros fight, and it did not disappoint. Very well done sir.
10/5 c5 47Phoenixlord42
Okaimatch is a woman
9/30 c1 LimX23
One more thing that I forgot to mention, the official name of the Second User’s Quirk is either Shifting Speed or Shifting Gears (I just found that out), and it’s a touch-based Quirk like Ochako’s Zero Gravity or Shigaraki’s Decay, meaning anyone that Izuku touches will be heavily accelerated, including himself.

However, like the shifting gears of a manual car, Izuku cannot immediately shift his speed up to Fifth Gear/Overdrive Gear, and has to go in order first. From Transmission/Second Gear, to Third Gear, then to Top Gear/ Fourth Gear, and finally to Overdrive Gear/Fifth Gear. It’s believed that Fourth Gear/Top Gear is the highest speed Izuku can achieve and that Overdrive Gear/Fifth Gear pushes that limit even higher. I believe that Gears of Shifting Gears are actually speed multipliers, which self-explanatory.

Also, one last thing. Izuku is now able to fuse his Quirks similar as how AFO uses his Quirk Combinations in order to achieve different effects. For example, he used a Quirk Combination of Blackwhip and Fa Jin to create the Black Chains Move, which is Blackwhip greatly strengthened by the energy of Fa Jin, and becoming chains instead of the usual tendril-like whips.
9/30 c2 Eldrod
Ooh, interesting. It's pretty clear Deku here isn't as powerful as Saitama, so I wonder if Saitama still exists in this AU? Defo would read more.
9/28 c1 LimX23
Great news, BookishTen-san! I’m just telling you this if you didn’t check the spoilers for chapter 368 of MHA, but the Quirk of the Second User of One For All has finally been revealed! If I remember correctly, it’s called Transmission, and it affects the speed of the target and the user appears faster as a result. As soon as Deku releases the energy accumulated, he gains a speed higher than the speed of the sound of the attack. There are four stages, Speed 2, Speed 3, Speed 4, and Speed 5, called Second, Third, Top, and Overdrive respectively.

Hope you liked this new information that I sent you, even if you may have known this already!
8/25 c12 Zechs-DXD
This is a really great story and I really dk hope you update soon.
8/12 c12 Dylan-A-Friend
8/9 c8 1Plasma Dragon 312
Hopefully Deku will be strong enough to defeat him. Smokescreen won’t help here Danger Sense might but it’s been going off all the time so he’ll need it to be turned off so he can focus. Float will be useful for helping him have more directional control. Fa Jin will most likely be pivotal in this fight. Black whip might be enough to help use debris or restrain Boris for a second or act as a quick extra armor layer.
8/6 c12 SonicMax
Watchdog man of the weirdest of them all lol
8/4 c12 4Dailydour
This is great!
8/4 c2 1Plasma Dragon 312
Hopefully Izuku will be strong enough for Boros.
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