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10/21/2020 c1 10cafei-au-lei
This was really interesting to read from Euphemia’s point of view - I’ll admit I haven’t given a ton of thought to her and Fleamont as characters, so this was fascinating and I really enjoyed reading it. The way she talked about James, how observant she is of his interactions with his friends, her eavesdropping on him and Sirius - and even her insisting Sirius write to let his parents know he is safe even though he says they don’t care - is all very motherly and “stable home”/stable family life-feeling, and the thought of Sirius getting to experience that is really nice. I also like how he calls them Mr. and Mrs. Pott and gets flirty lol. I feel it kind of shows how he uses his charm as a deflection/coping mechanism, too.

Thank you as always for sharing, your writing is beautiful!

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