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5/22 c30 Qwark's Guest
I didn't see this at all. Whoops. Well. Guess that's it now. Back to Limbo this Universe goes for the time being, i guess.
5/16 c30 Guest
If you do rewrite Touhou: 3D World, then that one has Antasma, which leads into Touhou: Dream Team at the end of Kingdom Hearts: Dawn of Chaos and then that leads on to the other stories (Paper Jam, Kingdom Battle and this one) so I'd be careful if you do rewrite that story.
5/16 c1 10LogBook
A correction to chapter 30's review, I meant Peach being the queen of the mushroom kingdom along with Mario being the king.

5/16 c30 LogBook
What a nice wedding, pretty cool that Mario is now the king of the mushroom kingdom with Peach being the king. That will certainly be interesting to see in future touhou x mario crossover stories. Anyways glad to see the rest of the jeagers not dying, and also glad to see that that scumbag prime minister Honest or a more fitting name would be prime minister liar dying in a massive explosion and this time Leone didn't have to die to accomplish it. I really liked touhou odyssey, it was a fun read and I look forward to reading the story that is going to be remade. Whatever that turns out to be, I look forward to reading it after the other story is done.
5/16 c30 Last Hope of Mankind
So...THE HERO AND THE PRINCESS ARE TOGETHER FOREVER! (Sorry my dear...but i had to say it...the Master hand style) ...Does that mean that Bowser will never ever kidnape peach because she is maried to mario? And what next...I mean Bowser Fury gonna mean one thing..."The king after the lossing the chance to married suffer to hate and wrath and became Godslayer bowser"
5/15 c30 Megan Romero
Mario and Peach are FINALLY married! Akame and Kurome are back together as sisters. Uh.. Good Luck Rex? Bowser isn't happy.. he's furious! Mario and Peach enjoying their honeymoon together. Sakuya has shown The Emperor the truth to Honest's "Advice". Honest is killed and the castle is destroyed. The end of tyranny is gone and a new era of peace is forming! Maybe Steve and Alex will enjoy rebuilding the castle? I wonder what story is in need of a rewrite? Now I'm curious!
5/15 c29 Megan Romero
Wedding Riot! Terry finally got his hat back from a bratty Bowser Jr. Good thing Mario captured Sonic since he took care of The Broodals and their mech. Marisa used one of her brooms to distract the Chain Chomp and Madame Broode fell down into a pit. Bowser/Bowsette is a idiot love should never be forced. Even though you posessed Peach your tail is obviously a weak point. Peach and Tiara have been saved. Hope you have enough coins to pay for Sonic's chili dogs Mario! I see a Future Diary reference and a Mario X RWBY reference! Finally Esdeath is killed! Seryu is killed by the Odyssey this time! YAY! Peach said yes to Mario! *Blows party horn* Let's celebrate!
5/15 c30 Bia1230
5/15 c29 Zeon Paralysis Crystal
Wonder if you'll do an arc in a Fairy Tail world
5/15 c30 4Bloodyguy
Hooray! Honest is dead! Glad you gave (almost) everyone of Night Raid a happy ending even the Emperor instead of him losing his head. (WHO'S IDEA WAS IT TO PUT A CHILD ON A GUILLOTINE!?)
Good luck Rex, you're gonna need it~.
And now Bowser must be fricking mad right now and everyone's gonna feel his Fury...
I'm disappointed that Pit and Viridi's kids didn't appear, they must be so cute!
5/15 c30 3topaz3
best the emperor doesn't know Honest killed his parents. He would have definitely done worse. hopefully Najenda will help him out in the future.
5/15 c30 Jacob9594
Now that was a fun ending to the Odysssey, what a fun journey
5/15 c30 mythicalloop19
is it super mario 3D world?
5/15 c29 5RGGAM
And so after the wedding Bowser became angry and never forgave Mario and company meanwhile Mario and Peach got married and Junior tired to take his dad to relax but Bowser’s hate was to strong and became fury bowser
5/15 c29 7
yes yes esdeath is gone ha who the weak one now ha
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