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for ATLOP: Lessons in Water

2/26 c11 NyxConsumes
Another great chapter! Good job, I love your type of story writing. What I like the most about the stories as a whole is your use of a language you made. It really makes your story unique. Something I would love to see is maybe some earthbending, but it's your story. Keep Going!
2/16 c11 12NaoSa
Let me give you a perspective:

You come back to read an amazing fic, you reach the end of the most recent chapter. You look towards the review box and see an unposted review waiting for you that you were ever so sure you posted.

Well, I’m too lazy to edit it so below is just the review I had before, XD.

Ooooh! I really like this chapter! The title was really cool as well :) kind of ties into rr’s works a bit.

The first part was so good tho! Really mysterious, I really liked reading it especially. I definitely think they’re important and they’re going to come back soon...

“I hope that’s fake blood though” honestly, I connect to this on a way too personal level. Turns out my sister was actually bleeding that Halloween night and it wasn’t part of her costume and a prank...

Great chapter, as always! :D
2/10 c10 olivmih
I was gonna say it should be gli uniformi, but then I realized it's a fem noun so it would be le uniforme but APPARENTLY that's not how this word works because it ends in -e in the singular so it's le uniformi... so, in conclusion, nice job.
2/8 c11 Harleking31
Holidays: LORE! FEED ME!

Percy needing fire to make Storms: So lightning bending is how he will bend fire huh... I mean he will skip the fun parts. But I'll admit that blending fire bending in was difficult to do without giving Percy a completely new set of powers unrelated to his parentage. So I'll allow it.

Pacer test: *PTSD intensifies*

Overall nice chapter, liked the flag set at the end. I was looking forward for more Percy action.
2/2 c11 Elale
Many... Weird things happens in this story.
First, I need to know if Percy can use purification to purify his mind from swear words.
Then I have no idea on what the dreams meant.
Three, I almost forgot Jai and a few others were sent by Triton. Thanks for that view.
Four, I never knew stuffed animals were called plushies until today. And I'm 12.
Percy's sea studies are interesting, but can be confusing. That's all I will be commenting about that.
Last thing; I don't mean to pressure you or anything, but when will the next quest happen? The last quest scene you wrote was exciting and all that, I just want to know the guinea pig and satyr in a wedding dress thing...
I don't mean any pressure.
2/3 c11 1Hestia's Champion
I think that he should tell Okeanus about the dream when Kronos went i think i have decipherd the prophecy alittle

Opposing armies answer the call-Okeanus V Posiden and then Percy (or triton couse he has a horn) asks Okeanus for help than Okeanus goes to help.
Family speaks-? Council
And a King falls-Okeanus dies protecting percy or Posiden loses his throne due to political plots by Okeanus.
Vows spoken force Olympus to mend-they make a very important promise that saves olympus maybe the promise luke made to annabeth,OR a promise triton makes,OR MAYBE a promise from Kronos to Hestia?
With the death of Zeus or Luke a new age is born with the help of someone really important.

i have a theory! i think that percy is involved in the profecy Khaos gave to Ponus and the other primordials! and another theory is that Erebus make Kronos go mad and thats why he ate his kids.

anyway cant wait for the next chapter DM if i got any of that right? maybe. and i hope that you all have a good day!

P.S. Do Fetu and Percy date? couse ik that Percabeth is endgame (sadly ;( i dont really like percabeth because of how popular it is in fanfics) but i kinda want to see percy date other people before annabeth
2/3 c10 Hestia's Champion
2/3 c9 Hestia's Champion
i swear i feel so bad for Fetu because Percy doesnt even know hes flirting with fetu xD i really like the Fetu x Percy
2/3 c5 Hestia's Champion
i really hope that Oceanus doesnt join Kronos in this. I also hope Pontus gets involved with helping percy (maybe a uncle figure) but this is just me. BTW Oceanus Kronos isnt called the Crooked one for nothing!
2/2 c3 Hestia's Champion
2/2 c11 MKDemiGodzilla-Warrior
Well, that was an interesting chapter. I don't really think those dreams will really do much, but guess I'll see. Also, pretty interesting perspective Kai has and the lessons are pretty interesting to see. I'm also assuming those holidays are based on actual holidays in paganism or is it just random?
2/2 c11 Gace428
Thanks for the chapter! Only now I have a desperate need for Percy to get Fetu a cat stuffed animal
2/2 c10 2Outis02
Just nitpicking, but no wars ended in 1943 that I know of due to WW2, but I'm guessing that in that part you were referring to WW2, which ended in 1945 and that's when the Great Prophecy was predicted
2/2 c11 Bella Quill
Good chapter. The dreams were kind of confusing. I can't wait to see more of Kronos' backstory. Kai's POV was good to have. I wonder how Percy will react if he comes to know they are actually his bodyguards. Percy's lessons seem so much fun compared to mine.
And I totally agree with you about Physics being a pain.
2/2 c11 Uday Sra
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