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for Shadow Of The Crimson King

1/20 c14 2Xerzo LotCN
Nice power up and new shadows nice that he beat and tamed tiamat (now he needs to breed her and breed her a lot lols) nice that he got some good gear

1 how did tiamat get ascalon that the heavens had and gave to canon issei
2 How did tiamat get the sword irina has later? Didn't she get it cause her dad had it before her

Also haha of course the forest master was like yeah that guy is strong rias needs to stick to his side to survive
1/19 c14 Guest
Can't wait to see issie getting Tusk and Beru in his army after defeating monarch of white flames
1/19 c1 Guest
I like Isseis personality in this, one second is this scary general thats leading his army against his enemies, making sure the other monarchs dont run amok, then this happy teen with his magic horse. Feel bad for Issei a little bit though, I dont know how much time has passed or how you intend to derect the story but Issei loosing his parents, then living in a house by himself at a young age (atleast I think he was young) with only the voices in his head to take care of him and keep him company, the need to get stronger out of vengeance because of kacabeil (bad spelling) and fear from the other supernatural beings in the world... Although I guess he isn't alone anymore!
1/19 c14 Guest
More chapters pls
1/19 c14 BIGD666
Great chapter keep up the great work loving every second of this fan fic
1/19 c14 Pawn22
Man I love your sense of humor for entropy and every one else. Also new lore about the dead users is pretty awesome, this is something that in the show they didn't explore much. Also the regret that drage has hits hard. I didn't know dead users could be sealed in weapons. I love this chapter and I can't wait for more. Question in this story does issei meet Ries brother?
1/18 c14 Magika Wizard
This chapter was pretty funny I laughed pretty hard when Entropy called Ddraig a Tsundere, anyways great chapter I look forward to reading another chapter and stay safe.
1/18 c3 Efthee
yea no if you are just going to give everything for free. whats the point then. i get it, you made a note about how quickly he will be op but this is just too ez. what will he ask next, to him ascalon and dragon blood or what
1/18 c2 Efthee
. jeez he is just getting all the skills from entropy
1/18 c1 Efthee
lmao his parents died and he still has oppai dreams. i just deadpan at this
1/18 c14 Jetff
For me the best chapter so far both in dialogue and in combat, that sentimental moment gave me vibes of femDdraig, the only thing I would like to highlight is that Issei should not accept orders from anyone beyond Entropia or Ddraig to give him suggestions and advice
1/18 c14 Guest
Awesome, cant wait to see the future reactions of the other characters. I hope you make the battle against vali, the fallen angel that killed his parents, and the peace negotiation all badass.
I wonder if Issei will raise the devil/fallen angel/angels as shadows, I bet they would look cool and everyone would realise a war would be big mistake cause they would only feed soldiers to that one guy in the corner lol. But Issei would probably set them free since not all of them would deserve to be a servant for all eternity, although some might want to, if not for the enjoyment of battle then to help Issei protect earth/the universe against the other monarchs, even if they would be stuck as shadows.
Also I would love to see Issei go into more dimensions to see references to other games lol, and maybe go on adventures with his friends or just travel the supernatural world on earth. I wonder what the reactions of the death gods would be when they see Issei?

Either way, awesome chapter keep up the good work, by far one of my favourite stories.
1/18 c14 Guest
Another chapter AYYYYYYYYYYY
1/18 c14 3OechsnerC
Awesome update. Looking forward to reading more.
1/18 c11 6Inv0ke
The whole Asia becoming a devil was stupid he could have just killed the fallen and no one would give a shit and the only reason that Asia didn't care about being a devil was due to being with her first friends which didn't happen in this case...
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