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for Shadow Of The Crimson King

1/18 c10 6Inv0ke
The going to devils is so forced that its stupid.

He is a powerful dragon he doesn't need to ask permission
1/18 c14 ProlapseAnoos
It would be cool for more chapters my dude good shit so far can’t wait for the next one
1/18 c2 Inv0ke
okay 177 lvls in 2 chapters is stupid power leveling...
1/13 c1 jpikachu45
please continue this story
1/9 c13 supriya700000
next chapter
1/8 c13 Guest
Is issie going to get kamish as his shadow in this senareio
1/7 c12 Guest
Would you be releasing 2 new chapters this month? as you said you would release 2 every month.
1/7 c13 Guest
after solo leveling got over your story is the only hope for me.
1/6 c1 1Niera-kaichou

1/5 c8 Leigh Russelle
Actually that’s only for isp’s a pc 1 MB is actually 1024 kb

This is why a 1Tb HDD actually has 800 odd GB of space because thay use the 1000/1 metric but the computer uses bits so it reads a 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024

So a 1024/1 metric it may not sound like much but leaching 24 off every 1000 adds up.

Eg 24 bytes for each kb then the same again all the way up to TB.
1/5 c8 RedReaper121
Good job thanks for the update
1/5 c5 RedReaper121
Good job
1/5 c3 RedReaper121
Good job
1/1 c10 Guest
THANK YOU, I don't like many fanfics but this one is one of the few that I really like! I cant wait to see Entropy come to Earth! I cant wait to see people's Reaction to Return by Death. JUST THANK YOU!
12/30/2021 c13 BIGD666
Dam nice update I love this version keep it up and good work
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