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for Sword of the Hero

1/9 c4 PasiveNox
great great nice
1/9 c3 PasiveNox
great chapter
1/9 c2 PasiveNox
great great
1/9 c1 PasiveNox
1/7 c7 Triton600
Please continue
1/1 c7 MattKennedy
Very cool story. :) Love that Kirito and Izuku have become such good friends.
12/31/2020 c7 1Zak saturday 1
Update soon please
12/29/2020 c7 BingeReader97
I love 90% of your stories but you are so terrible about finishing stories and I fall for it every time, but I can't help it, any way love the story so far only thing I noticed wrong was a few typos, please continue writing this, I love it
12/26/2020 c5 3Cicer0
12/21/2020 c7 ChaoticMinds
This story is literally the best thing since cheesecake. Like, my serotonin levels have SKYROCKETED after reading this fic. It's so unique, I've never read a fic like this before! And of course, anything written by you is well written. :] Hnnnnnggggghhhhhajwjnzsjhskssjkwwjjskwljskw- This is just SO GOOD, and I love this fic so muchhhhhhhhh! Thanks so much for writing and sharing this wonderful idea with us readers! 3 :D
12/14/2020 c7 Guest
Prompt: At the age of 13 Izuku gained a friend in Hawks after they both get hit with a quirk and they had to stay under surveillance together for two days. The quirk was a weird foresight one which seemingly failed, it didn't actually it just chose not to let them see the memories on the other hand the league gets to see what the HPSC is going to manipulating/forcing Hawks and class a to do.
12/9/2020 c5 6OriksGaming
It's a bit unfortunate that you've just skipped pretty much any fighting that happened in your story, or even any dungeon exploration. Gives the whole thing a tell, don't show feel even ignoring the plagiarized content. There are basically no stakes and it's not particularly engaging with anything particularly interesting skipped. The whole scene with All Might in this chapter was pretty questionable as well, with Izuku missing all the signs for the sake of a dull joke.
12/9/2020 c3 OriksGaming
Seriously, don't plagiarize someone else's material. It shows a distinct lack of imagination and is one of the most effective immersion killers out there. And if you absolutely feel that it's impossible to come up with your own original work, at least make sure it fits in-universe. Random SAO Abridged references being there despite not showing up earlier in your *own* story is pretty sad.
12/9/2020 c7 TrimusicaDrag00n90
this rock
12/9/2020 c7 1A 'Reincarnated' writer
Please update soon
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