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5/3 c7 15Awesome Ten-Tails
please come back to this story, its amazing
4/29 c7 6Xeenith
sassy Izuku is good Izuku !
4/18 c3 jackmylad 2
Love how u mix in Sao abridged to the story it makes it more funny
4/17 c7 Obcorbino2146
Please tell me your going to update this. I love this story and want to see Eri saved and the hugging and crying that comes with it. Oh and I want to see midoriya interact more with his girlfriend if these two are still together.
4/2 c7 LuxCranel000
pls more update of this story
3/21 c7 robogamer11041
love it! please please please please please don't let this amazing story die!
3/4 c7 Superjukes2
Honestly, I really like this series and am hoping for an update soon lol.
3/5 c7 Wolfman-053
This story has kept me in stitches I’m laughing so hard! Please, keep it up!
3/3 c7 1Enderlovescake
I love this can't wait for the next chapter
3/1 c2 RandomCoolGuy
3/1 c1 RandomCoolGuy
Sorry but this first chapter mostly ruined the interest I had for this game.
3/1 c1 RandomCoolGuy
What? It's like Izuku is being guided by some sort of Author or something. If he inferred that it is possible that things are different from the beta, why stop at Illfang's sword? There are countless other things that could've been changed and him just guessing that one specific thing is the only one that changed is short sighted and stupid.
2/25 c7 2Dracoog101
Please continue this! This story has been great so far!
2/22 c1 1A 'Reincarnated' writer
Please update soon
2/8 c7 1Trismite
Great story! I love how you've merged the two worlds together. Also bless you for what you did to Eri. I mean, yes, the dream scenario is where she never had to experience Overhaul but in terms of anime plots, having her in SAO and AFO during her time with Overhaul would make it a bit better.
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