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for To Save a Crow

1/3 c2 Guest
This is perfect really in character but could you maybe write the next scenes? After Jesper wakes or maybe even after he doesn't? Like whatever you decide whatever you want I just want to see the end pleaseee
10/18/2021 c5 7Marthmello
I know it's been a year since you updated but please please please please PLEASE do the Kaz chapter!
6/3/2021 c3 Guest
OMG, so awesome! I can’t wait to read the Inej part and the part where they all save him.

This is a really great fic, I love it!
5/7/2021 c1 2unasmera
I love the stories so far!
It's hard to find fanfiction where the characters actually feel like themselves and not "overwritten" but you mastered it to perfection! O.o
I can't wait to get to read the next part!
Please keep writing!
4/7/2021 c5 Guest
Tellement bien !
2/11/2021 c5 7Wraith and Demjin
This was amazing! The way you wrote Nina’s perspective was perfect! It was just like her! Thanks for the update! I’m so excited to see how the crows save Kaz! :)
2/11/2021 c4 Wraith and Demjin
I love how much Kaz cares for Inej! Always the two of them. And I’m glad he’s trusting Jesper more! :)
2/11/2021 c3 Wraith and Demjin
Nothing stops Kaz Brekker I love this one! :)
2/11/2021 c2 Wraith and Demjin
Ooo! I love this one. Kaz saving Jesper was great and I love seeing their close relationship. Thanks for the update! :)
11/27/2020 c1 44AshenMoon42
Nice start :) I'm looking forwards to seeing the rest of the collection.

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