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2/20 c5 2Jack Inqu
That respect for Calvert didn't last long. I look forward to him getting what he deserves.

Ah, so it wasn't the reporter who lied to Kara; the reporter was lied to as well. I wish Kate the best.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
2/19 c5 Guest
Looking forward to the next chapter
2/19 c5 1YeTianshi
It was a nice chapter, kind of short but yeah. Hopefully, Kate gets to make her apology to Kara, that was a shit thing that happened to both of them.
2/19 c5 4SuperiorFreak
Wait, two questions.

What did Supergirl mean by wireless phones were an improvement? Just what year was it in her hime universe that wireless phones warranted such a comment.

Is Coil black in Canon? Or is that an AU thing in this fic?
2/19 c5 2Vilkath
This is a pretty funny result if you think about it. Calvert comes on national TV with his ties to the PRT up front and blatant... then goes out to say keeping the status quo is more important than catching villains. That capturing lung is something any two bit thug with a bat could do... Yet the PRT hasn't captured him in years of trying.

You would think the PRT PR department wouldn't be so happy with that bad press, never mind basically calling her a nazi just because she's a blonde with blue eyes. Sure in current year 2021 it's fine to hate white people for being white... but it's still pretty racist.

Then we move on to the call from the PRT... Absolutely nothing about the hatchet job their employee did to her on live TV. Comming across that she did something wrong more than anything, that she might of interfered with their "Sting operations" that historically never pan out to anything. Because lets face it the PRT never catch anything...

Sure a cape catching a criminal might not have the level of evidence a sting operation could generate but the last thing any one worries about in the Worm Verse is evidence. The criminals by and large are not smart enough to worry about leaving it lying around other than maybe Coil. And even his base is flush with illegal tinker tech, mercenaries, kidnapped little girls, monsters and stolen data from the PRT servers...
1/20 c4 osterreicher97
Awesome! Just binged this, and I’m impressed so far. Though obviously, without Taylor, Supergirl will have to step in a lot more than she probably planned to with all the threats that creep up on Earth Bet.

I wonder what will happen when she finds out how hopelessly outmatched the legitimate governments are along with failing to stop threats like Heartbreaker, Sleeper, the S9, or the Blasphemies.
1/16 c4 2Jack Inqu
Hmm, that's worrisome. Can Amy's powers affect Supergirl? It might be relevant in the future.

Yeah...sometimes, the 'small' crimes can hit harder.

I can kind of understand where Lung is coming from, but he's still a monster.

:facepalm: Armsmaster, can you please not be so petty? Pretty please? Argh...

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
1/12 c4 medon
After she went out heroing you abruptly stopped using quotation marks, which was very confusing in parts, especially since you also didn't always change to italics. I'd advise going through and putting them in.
1/11 c4 89ingenting
Another lovely read, thank you! My one complaint is the part where Supergirl is speaking to the ABB gangsters in other languages, it gets a bit confusing what is speech and descriptive, since the speech identical to the rest of the text and not in brackets or bold or cursive. Other than that, nicely done!
1/11 c4 Guest
Looking forward to the next chapter
1/11 c4 morganoth
So I guess you are a Starcraft person with someone like Kate lockwell in it
1/11 c4 1YeTianshi
It was a pretty sweet chapter, I liked it. I know you mentioned that Kara would be at full-strength, but I've actually been wondering what that entails exactly? Like TV Show Supergirl strength? Animated? Comics? which verse?

Either way, it was a great read. I loved how Kara put Lung down so easily xD You were right, there's a different kind of fun to this kind of character.
1/11 c4 199Marcus Rowland
Well, if someone's got to suffer to establish Supergirl's rep in this world I'm very happy for it to be Lung and Oni Lee. Behemoth may be slightly tougher, of course...

Really wondering what Panacea is sensing when she touches Supergirl.
1/11 c3 Tseiqyu
Oops, accidentally mistapped and posted my review early.
To finish my sentence, I think Taylor would have a new role model in the form of Supergirl and a renewed volition to become a straight up Hero rather than a "double agent" type thing.
1/11 c4 Tseiqyu
Here are my thoughts about this story, all completely disconnected from each other:

The lack of quotes around dialogue spoken in a foreign language makes it awkward to read, especially when it starts in the middle of a paragraph.

I'm curious to see how Supergirl compares to Alexandria. She may not have the latter's galaxy brain powers, but she does have laser eyes and super senses.

Kara's chosen name makes me want a Homelander in Worm story now.

While I know it's pretty much the classic, I was never a fan of the skirt. I don't think it's as aesthetically pleasing as the pants, and I genuinely believe that (and forgive me Edna Mode for saying this) it's even more impractical than capes. I was hoping that the fire followed by blood it would justify a change into the newer costume.

I wonder if Supergirl saving Taylor has prevented her from triggering, or if she was too late. If she still gets powers, Supergirl having pretty much destroyed the ABB notwithstanding, there'd be a lot of changes to canon since I think Taylor would have
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