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for Through A Bottle Darkly

10/27 c1 citylily
Ooh this was a neat one shot. I like your interpretation of the missing scene from the episode. You really have season 1 Shawn down. I could hear him saying all these lines. Loved the taxi driver and Shawn saying "for your silence" when he paid.

I felt so bad when Lassiter mumbled for Victoria not to push him away ugh I didn't think I could dislike her more.

Now that I think about it, I'd be interested in your take on what exactly fell apart between them.
10/25 c1 15shuuuliet
Oh wow, this is so good. It's so believable of Shawn, too. He's so tempted to use this opportunity to mock Lassie, but he's too goodhearted to actually do it. I like the choice of him keeping the handcuffs, though. That seems very Shawn, too.

I love Lassie's drunk "sense of humor", and I love Shawn's schedule for keeping tabs on all his friends. And I love Lassie saying "see you tomorrow, buddy," at the end! This scene in the show was so good because you could see Lassie's begrudging respect for Shawn, and so this all fits perfectly as an extension of that moment. Shawn and Lassie have too much fun messing with each other to stop doing it, but each of them has a deep respect for the other that they keep close to the vest. You've written that really cleverly here, with the choices Shawn makes in this moment especially, but also in what Lassie says to him.

I also think their relationship here rings very true to their first-season relationship, because they're not quite as comfortable around each other yet as they will be later on. That comes through very nicely in this piece, because you get to follow Shawn's questioning of how to to handle the situation!

All in all, I loved it so much. You write Shawn and Lassiter so well! This was so fun to read!

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