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3/5 c7 Dagon Rafaeus
Ngl yang's story kinds got me spooked
11/5/2020 c7 16Cun
Thanks for doing these! So wholesome and enjoyable!
11/1/2020 c6 19chinaluv
How cute!
P.s. I was supergirl this year for Halloween!
10/31/2020 c5 chinaluv
Hahaha I get that fear!
10/31/2020 c4 chinaluv
This is wonderful!
10/31/2020 c3 chinaluv
Oooh interesting take on Jacques! I like it!
10/30/2020 c6 3MissAnthrophy
suddenly mentioning summerPyrrhAH:
anyways, great read 0ne!
10/29/2020 c6 16Cun
As always, perfectly sweet and adorable.
I have so many questions though lol
10/28/2020 c5 Cun
Awwww yeah! I'm honored to have inspired(?) such an adorable chapter. These sisters are the bessst!
10/27/2020 c4 Cun
This has the spirit of the food fight and the silliness is awesome.
10/26/2020 c3 Cun
Loving this. I wonder if we'll get to know why Ruby fear creeps with six legs next? Im havibg a hard time coming up with a logical reason, other than they are creepy (cause they are!)
10/25/2020 c2 19chinaluv
This is a sweet chapter and I love it!
10/25/2020 c1 MoonSHuu
Poor yang xD
10/24/2020 c1 chinaluv
This is great!
10/24/2020 c1 16Cun
Yesss I love your character portrayals. This was entertaining!

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