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for Lunch For Three

6/29/2021 c3 6MariIvyFenta
Nothing Else Matters is my song!

Lots happened in this chapter! I'm so intrigued by the love triangle forming here. Yamaha is a douche. Vegeta giving up half is orange was sweet. Was this "Spike" perhaps the one that grabbed Lunch? I'm now good on the strip club for another year with this. I loved the drink making stunt. I love how you use true and proper olde English ways of writing in your work. (I secretly read those parts out loud to get the feel for it. I swear I wasn't in drama clubs
3/11/2021 c2 MariIvyFenta
"The pipe singed" ? you mean sang right? I have a very intimate relationship with the word singed... I always forget how to spell it or use it properly.

Rancho and Raditz working together is funny. I like how you used the right and left handedness there, I understand that struggle in a righty and my business partner is a lefty. we try to always work across a table from each other.

Raditz in the tub!

oh it was a dream that was sneaky I was confused for a minute.

poor Gine thinks they are talking about sex while the young ppl are just being literal.

Vegeta your are such a dick hole. but ahhaha e admitted he is attracted to Bulma. I bet he doesn't even realize it yet either. I'm seeing him as a greaser here, I like it.

All three of them seem very much into being together but are getting hung up on what is or is not traditional. I can't wait for more!
3/11/2021 c1 28daughterofrisingsun
Well this is definitely a different spin on things! Lunch is NOT the blonde this time around among other things. Ranchi seems to have issues with the guys...
12/30/2020 c1 4MinyaPaws
I so love your use of Bunny, and how this world is characters that mostly stay in the background. I also love that Bunny is so very 50's greaser babe, and my god the flirting going on in this fic!

I can't help but wonder if the blonde is Launch's other personality? Splitting the girl into two people is definitely interesting and I don't think anyone else has done that. I like that both sides have quite a bit of fire )

"Baddie" lol I love it. I overall love Bardock's personality here. So far everyone is quite loyal to the personalities they have in DBZ, and I'm always impressed when a writer can modernize or do some other extreme AU that takes the characters far from their original setting while keeping the essence of the characters, which you accomplish very well here.

Ohhh who is Lunch fussing over herself for?

So reading over this is inspiring in a way that I hadn't expected but because the characters are taken out of a science fiction/fantasy setting and thrusted into a regular world, I can imagine more vividly how they would act in slice-of-life scenes and it broadens the characters so much.

Yes, this fic is definitely hot. I also love how empowered Lunch feels by dancing for men but still being able to tell them to keep their paws off of her. I feel both threesome vibes and femme power vibes off of this story )

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