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for Name Your Price

11/6/2020 c1 8PhantomGypsy13
This was beautifully written, like a fairy tail with a darker edge (so like technically most fairy tails before they got Disney-fied). Very well done!
10/30/2020 c1 12SensiblyTainted
This was... unstoppable... It rolled forward like a legend from old - on par with Grimms Fairy Tales. It was so AMAZING! Really! I honestly felt like a spell was being cast on me. When I reached the last word, I sat blinking. It felt like I was waking from a beautiful, terrible dream. You weave words the way a poet does. It creates a rich picture full of texture and whispers. You tell just enough and it sparks amazing pictures in the imagination. There is something so painful about this story and incredibly romantic and beautiful. I love that you made them both girls. I love that Nisa was the one to kill her father and reclaim her power. I love how there is always a price to be paid, but... not if you give freely before a price can be asked. It's just so... deep and meaningful and reflecting true life lessons. You hold such wisdom! I am just... breathless after reading this gorgeous work. Breathless. I'm so glad i saved it for today. I'm floating and happy and at the same time energized by the imagination in this work. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! It is now officially Halloween after reading this. You have ignited the spirit inside me!
10/26/2020 c1 drarryshipper77
Can I just say that I'm still reeling in this story? I mean this is... AMAZING. AWESOME. INCREDIBLE. When I read the summary i was like... okay... Draco's Gonna be the rescuer and Harry would be a princess or something stuck up in a tower or locked away in a dungeon. This story is something i was looking forward to read. And just so you know, it's an amazing story. like literally. I really loved the way you portrayed all the characters just the way there. I mean I've gotten a little sick reading that Lucius changed for the good suddenly. This was something my mind needed and here u are giving me on a silver platter. I've been reading all your stories and they're just... indescribable.
10/26/2020 c1 Gust
I am at a loss for words to describe how pleasant it was to read this story. I loved every moment and I keep thinking: did it cost the canon to show more colors in your characters?

In short, I really liked his story and the way he approached the subtle characteristics of each character presented, a great Halloween tale.
10/25/2020 c1 49mykkila09
I mean so glad you finally posted this. It was simply marvelous. I loved reading it, including the bits I didn’t get to see, and I am so happy you added in that little prologue, so we get to see just how these two loves came to be together. This was so amazing!

Victor Krum and his comeuppance for what he did to hermione and pansy; Percy’s ambition and just how far he was willing, or unwilling as it turned out, to go and everything else. Narcissa is now as free as her daughter without that bastard keeping them chained and locked up. Riddle died too quick and easy

Great job on this Halloween story!

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