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5/14 c2 Guest
Please update
2/5 c2 Guest
Even if the slayer kept it a secret BJ would realise how similar two are and how similar two look
2/3 c2 Guest
As for the preator suit

There’s actually a doom eternal alt skin that looks more like the 2016 suit, but with the arm blade and shoulder canon attached, so I’m imagining this slayer looking like that
2/3 c2 Guest
I’ve had a fun idea for a scene in a crossover like this

Doomguy should give one of his slayer dolls to max Hauss, I feel like that’s just be a really sweet moment, and it seems like something the slayer would do
2/3 c2 superpierce
glad to see this updated great chapter.
2/3 c2 17Bile 1.0
It never gets old seeing the Slayer ripping Nazis apart. And now they’re going demon hunting, this’ll be fun.
2/3 c2 WordBearer01
Oh hell yes, an update! Amazing chapter here btw.
2/3 c2 10AzureFlame Dragon King
Another good one Wacko keep up the good work
2/3 c2 dullen
this is surprisingly one of the only crossovers between these two fandoms. and it does not disappoint. mor n
2/3 c2 5Doom King of Latveria
YEAH! Now this is i had been waiting for!

Love how you describe the storyline of each paragraphs in this newest chapter. While slightly rushed, but still smoothly follow the drama. My favorite was, of course, the RIP' N' TEAR scene!

And now Blacko and the teams finally learn who Doomguy and VEGA was. Also, i love how you still use the 2016 version of the DG armor, as well he still using some of his the 2016 weapons.

Man, keep the good work here! Can't wait to DG and Blacko next action!

Also, are you still continued your first Doom x Gate story? Not with Tyuule x DG i'm mean
2/2 c2 Flameis
Thanks for the chapter!
2/2 c2 Stratos263
Good luck doom slayer
2/2 c2 Lord Razer
really good stuff.

Though I wonder why the doomslayer hasn't defeated the nazi's by now? considering he can take on the legions of hell singlehandedly that nazis would not be different?

unless it has to do with maintaining the time stream or that there would be innocents in the way?

in any case the background info is really interesting and max haux being a scientist in the original timeline in advancing humanity forward is really amazing and a spit in the face of the nazi ideology. so bravo there.

I do wonder if in the future we will see more demonic nazi enemies with the nazis getting magical enhancements like the marauders.
2/2 c2 4dv1ct0r14m2017
Yeeeessss...even if fourteen years has past, the Slayer had put the fear into the Nazis, and the moniker of 'Golem' really fit the description.

And damn, are you expanding the lore of Doom by making Max Hass the founder of the UAC? If so, then it is a cool addition to the story.

Anyways, excellent chapter.
Nice job. Keep it up. *thumbs up*
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