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5/28 c3 Alldaysnackbar
12/10/1993- release date of original DOOM. nice.
5/16 c3 Harry
Good story keep up the good work
4/3 c3 Butcher Squad
Since the Nazi chose to worship demons. Meaning they're worshipping 40K Chaos. That's mean all Nazi are heretic and must be purge from the place of this Earth. They chose grim dark path. Then, Allies, Resistance and Doom Slayer have to finish the fight in more grim dark way.

Also, I wanna see normal German civilians or soldiers have a terrifying face when they learn the truth that their leader is not human but demon in disguise including SS and the church. Despite they called themselves true Aryans and Christian. Yet, their priest and everyone in the church was a demon in disguise. They has been blessing, donating and helping the devil all this time.
3/11 c3 Guest
I love this crossover do more if you have the time
2/12 c1 Anonymous
Great story, liking if so far. The only small criticism I have for you is how short you made Doom Slayer. If you didn't know, the Slayer walks around with a height if 6'8 or 6'9 and weighs around 360 to 405 lbs.
1/16 c3 Guest
Tearing monsters a new asshole be they demons of Nazis hope he tears shitler to shreds
1/8 c3 Guest
This Is Even Better Than I First Thought.
1/5 c3 Rh0dus7
Bloody hell man, this shit is going to be a fun read.

Would gladly wait for any update, so keep up the magnificent work mate.
1/3 c3 9The Eschaton
1/1 c3 EWR115
Well worth the wait! Can't wait for more
1/1 c3 Guest
Is the Energy Sniper Rifle game canon, or your own creation!?
1/1 c3 1nantono
Okay but I hope the doom slayer takes an interest in his family and begins to realize that his original family is almost exterminated and that in this universe there is a great blazkowicz family.
On the other hand, VEGA shouldn't explain everything that the doom slayer uses signs or signs to explain as well.
1/1 c2 nantono
I hope they know the connection of Doom slayer with the blazkowicz, his face would be almost the same as the BJ.
1/1 c1 nantono
1/1 c3 God of crossovers
I am so fucking exited
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