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9/19 c10 Guest
9/16 c11 Jcassie
so is Poseidon not married to amphitrite then?
9/7 c12 Serafitar
It is OK. Good luck that you are going covid
8/30 c12 yaoiaiss
I'm sorry you got ill , I hope you're doing better now
8/27 c12 Are
Me gusto tu novela, así que espero que te recuperes.
8/25 c12 Draconic123
Good story
8/21 c1 Guest
don't worry about updating ! i hope you and your family have a fast recover from covid 3
8/23 c12 Reine du Destin
No te preocupes, te esperaremos todos el tiempo jaja! Suerte y espero que vos y tu familia se puedan recuperar! Saludos.
8/22 c12 mizzrazz72
Get well
8/22 c12 sakurhita
get well soon
8/21 c12 DKILLER1
Sorry to hear that. Get well soon.
8/21 c12 bobcox26
Take care and get better
8/21 c12 Pikachu79
I hope that you and your family get better soon. Don't worry about posting just take good care of yourself as your health is more important. I do look forward to the next chapter no matter when it's posted. I'll just re-read this wonderful story.
8/21 c12 shedges19
hope you feel better
8/21 c11 Roy19
Hope you get better
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