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for A Child for Thomas and Richard

11/1 c1 18I love music
I don't think Thomas and Richard are a little out of character, Thomas is very fond of children although he can never have his own, and Richard's speech to Jimmy about if they are to take care of James it will be permanent, not until Jimmy chooses otherwise, is so Richard. He would be the type to cover every avenue and think ahead. Jimmy is probably too immature to be a parent and James has gone to a very loving home. It's an arrangement that suits everyone.
10/27 c1 1451stcenturygirl
firstly, I like this storyline- sounds plausible and description of thomas first seeing the baby is really cute. I'm wondering if this is a one shot or a multi chapter fanfic?

secondly when you mentioned arthur I was like 'who is that?' but then remembered that I created that twat of a character so thanks for the mention of some details from my writing, in particular, the scarf. I am freezing at the moment so would appreciate such a scarf!

lovely writing

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