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11/5/2020 c1 aRandomGuyInTheInternet
I'm ok with Steve x Alex.
11/1/2020 c1 Guest
Love the bro keep up the good work.

Man I've been finding a lot of both weird and good Kuroinu and hentai crossover fanfic stories here and on wattpad.
10/31/2020 c1 2yukid999
All I ask is to make this hilariously one sided in Steve and Alex's favor. Like the Dogs cant even touch them with all there dumb Minecraft powers. Like them responding after being killed, making a never ending waterfall, lava motes, obsidian fortress, or just go into creative and spawn ton of creepers and withers and zombies etc.
10/28/2020 c1 Janny092
Very interesting, love to see some more Minecraft stories keep up the good work!
10/28/2020 c1 8David Gumazon1
10/27/2020 c1 58Perseus12
Interesting story and I like it! *Thumbs UP!*
10/27/2020 c1 Acnoduin
Wait till someone makes a Terraria x Kuroinu crossover. Anyway, that's a dope way to start. Just a pair of endgame adventurers helping others on the way, but time will tell if they either meet the namesake mercs or the princess knights.
10/27/2020 c1 4Lucius Walker
Hmm, judging by the fact that there are some fanfics in Spanish, I'm going to assume that English isn't your first language, which does explain some of the grammatical parts of the story that needs work.

To be quite blunt, grammar isn't the only thing that needs to be refined. The pacing of the story, the dialogue, and overall just how the story is written needs some work. I apologize for being unable to elaborate this further, since I myself am unsure on how to word it, but if it makes sense, it sort of seems like this was your rough draft that you didn't bother to clean up and refine.

Regardless, though, this is an interesting crossover...but I'm not sure how far you can go. It was a wise choice to keep the "Minecraft Powers" for Alex and Steve, since it would make them stand out for good and bad, and not to mention that they will need that kind of knowledge, skill, and power in order to survival the incoming storm. So with that being said, will it just be an isekai situation, where two characters travel to another world to fight a war with their knowledge and power? Cause depending on how that goes, it can either get boring, or it could be quite interesting. I do look forward to finding out how you write the rest of the chapters.


While the choice to not include lemons is yours to make, and thus, we must respect that choice, it will be an odd decision to seemingly revolve the story around their reactions to their "magic." Yes, their reactions will indeed be quite something, but that'll get quite old real fast, and not to mention that at a certain point, they won't really be stunned, unless their creations get creative enough in the battlefield. And even that I'm afraid it could get old.

And speaking of the lemons, again, it's your decision and all, but it is a weird choice to make a crossover with a series that's literally hentai, and not include lemons. I would recommend that you at least include romance, but then again, some people have successfully done similar choices like yours, so again, I look forward to finding out how you commit to that decision and kick butt with it.


Then again, perhaps I'm overthinking this. It could just be basically a crackfic, and I thought and judged it too quickly, deeply, and harshly. I apologize for that, but I do hope that my comment is helpful in some way or form.

Again, I do look forward on reading the next chapter to see what is to come. Good luck, and Happy Writing!
10/27/2020 c1 Fushes

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