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for The Lion Guard: A Dark Secret

4/6 c47 7Hu-E3rd
Wow, Simba here reminds of an adaption of himself from a story called "Kion's fall from Grace."
4/3 c47 karapetdavidan98
ooo it was just exciting, will Kion forgive Nirmala and nala, I'm waiting for the next chapter, don't wait with her;)
3/30 c43 Arianna Penkszyk
3/23 c43 Tecnein
You could put it on Microsoft word first and tries to copy it from there.
3/22 c43 Jzak98
I’m sorry, but I’m not sure. But just curious: why can’t you just write the chapters on the publisher to start with, instead of needing to copy and paste?
2/17 c41 ExGeneration35
Glad that everything is going alright with Kion. Poor guy is getting tortured.
2/16 c41 Jzak98
Looks like things are (psychically at least) finally getting better for them!
2/13 c40 Jzak98
Arghhhh! So close to revealing! Good chapter!
2/12 c40 1Jason Chandler
Geez Louise, is this a Kion torture story!? The poor cub has been through so, so much already and enough is enough. Maybe, you should write him getting better and combating his demons, before learning that Nirmala is his real mother, hooking up with Fuli and ending the story?
2/9 c39 Jzak98
Someone stop him!
2/5 c39 Ryan6783
Keep going with story
2/3 c39 ExGeneration35
Poor Kion man :(
1/22 c37 Arika Koski 2021
If this fanfic was a film would it be rated PG-13?
1/21 c37 ExGeneration35
I'm glad Kion told someone what happened to him. Can't wait for what happens next!
1/20 c37 Jzak98
Finally! Kion is finally telling everyone what happened to him! Let the real healing begin
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