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12/12/2020 c2 2FireSharingan359
Great concept cant wait to read more
11/27/2020 c2 WebSlinger12
You should definitely make Sayuri touch Naruto's whiskers in the coming chapter
11/27/2020 c1 WebSlinger12
I think this is a great introduction chapter. Funny and has enough interaction and development.
11/19/2020 c2 ChangeMe4574
So good.
11/18/2020 c2 luffya139
I like it really its good start hope you complete it
11/17/2020 c2 1Lt Juan Rico
A very interesting qnd amusing fic, the by play between Naruto and Sayuri is good and I'm looling forward to reading any future updates
11/4/2020 c2 a lot actually
how many times?
I love this. Sayuri does not hold back.
11/3/2020 c2 1FlickerBlade
Nice start! I'll be keeping an eye on this one!
11/1/2020 c2 Fastreadernot
I just don’t have words ... For a very long time I have not seen such a well-made Fick only in Naruto (new)). I want to read and read without stopping at anything. Even now, when I really want to sleep, reading is fun . Even if there is no plot yet, but you can definitely say it will be good . The good news is that the relationship between the characters is well developed . Their dialogues, emotions, actions seem pretty natural . and not nearly sucked out of the finger, but clearly work with each other. THANK YOU FOR A WORK WELL DONE . LOOKING FORWARD TO CONTINUED . AND I ASK YOU, AUTHOR - SAN, FINISH THIS WORK TO THE END ... I wish you all the best, especially health and happiness))) ...
10/31/2020 c2 trinardm98
This was so cute , there aren’t many stories of this pair so I’m really happy that you wrote about them!
10/29/2020 c2 Destru
awesome dynamics between them ;) that's adorable.
10/28/2020 c2 El Frijolero
I can not wait for the rest of this story great work! Nice character development with Sayuri by the way!
10/28/2020 c2 Yahiko 8D
10/28/2020 c2 FANGIRLWHODIES
LOL naruto should just have stayed quite.I LOVE THEM SO MUCH *cries* thank you for the chapter!
10/28/2020 c1 chirping
i love this :D
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