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4/25 c4 booo
God! This is amazing!
4/21 c4 Guest
Oh my gosh! So so glad to see you back! Looking forward to reading more of your stories 3
4/19 c4 Muse
I'm glad you're ok, the break in posting combined with recent events had me wondering, I must say lol. Congrats on your move and no worries on the posting, real life always takes priority!

I love the one-sided reveal thing going on here; it isn't being upheld for teenage drama reasons and the fears and worries feel very real and reasonable. I do think it'd be fun to see the reveal after it all though - and possibly Marinette's view of all this, lol!
4/20 c4 5Champion of Justice
Great chapter! I can't wait to read the next one.
4/19 c4 5Daniel Letchford
Are we going to see the final battle?! Please let us see some action and arrests!
glad your back and I hope you get a summer Job soon!
4/18 c4 AnimexFreakz 0.o
OH MY GOODNESS! Thank you for the update, I always enjoying reading your stories! I cannot wait to read the battle chapter and for Mari to be able to reveal herself to Adrien! So much excitement, I hope everything’s calmed down for you though!
4/18 c4 4Agiani
... and the final battle with Hawkmoth dawns...
4/18 c4 510yellow 14
Life happens. Nice chapter, keep updating
4/18 c4 PowPow456
Good chapter, can’t wait for the next one!
4/18 c4 4Evander1435
I so glad you posted. I don't mean that as a how dare you not post I mean it as I am glad you are okay. Ever since Maerynn passed away I get worried when ever authors don't post for a long time. Life happens I hope everything works out for you.
4/18 c4 Lady Dominator
Woah, I was just thinking about your posting break. It’s magic or something when you come back, lol

Great chapter
4/18 c4 9eLynda
Loved this chapter, and the bit of role reversal with Adrien having a mouth full of problems!
4/18 c4 4Swirlspot
When I saw the notification I was all like, "Oh yeah, that exists." But when I started reading it I found that I could remember all the important details from where I had left off. I think that says something about the writing and how memorable your stories are.
4/18 c4 6MiraculousLover2
AWESOME chapter. Seriously. Their relationship (even if they're just friends right now, which will hopefully change at some point) is so cute! And Marinette is being so patient with her reveal (which will hopefully arrive), which is so thoughtful of her, because CLEARLY the kid's going through enough right now.
Don't feel pressured to update. Your story is amazing and we don't mind waiting. Take your time :D
4/18 c4 84KaliAnn
I really liked reading this update. Its fun to read about the two shopping for fabric and laughing together.
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