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for Kuroinu - Rise of the Guardian

4h c9 1EostianScribe
Good to this is up once more.

Also; for my own story I'm just ignoring the Gaiden. I'm sure if I tried to incorporate it I'd end it with my hair torn out.
10h c9 Janny092
A bit of world-building to make seem more alive, while Clay was not here as much as I preferred it to be- I will take it over not having a chapter at all.

Anyway out of all scenes within this chapter the one I preferred the most was with Olga’s scene here she was being pressured to have a child, but what makes it so intriguing especially when it was subtly hinted at that even though technically she “doesn’t have a child” she has one or at least I think she has one. Hopefully I am not wrong with this analysis of mine.

Hope to see more soon Author-San and keep safe!
12h c9 evilstatistic19
Great chapter looking forward to the next one
16h c9 4Dr Dirtbag
Damn man, I again have to applaud you for your dialouge and world building, truely top notch stuff.

You gave us an interesting look into Dark Elf Politics and I think I may have to take some pointers on how you write Olga, even though her part was only a third of this chapter she just seemed more like a Proud Queen than how she is in mine.

Iris and Kohaku hanging out ina more leuisurely setting was sweet to see, Kohaku acting like a proper big sister and just an overall nice situation... Also I noticed Kohaku quoted Palpatine. Was that intentional or councidence?

Also I love how you write Maia, seriously.

Cant wait for the next chapter.
7/28 c8 23Sandkings321
This story help me out on world building aspects on Kuroinu and how to use them.
7/18 c7 JhotoLoraxius
Also, I’m generally curious, do you have plans to form connections with the women of Kuroinu 2 with Clay? I feel like Mistiola or Luca interacting with him would be hilarious, and generally endearing maybe?
7/18 c8 JhotoLoraxius
I’m really liking this so far, I’m curious about if Clay will have a harem? Or is it just him forming connections and learning about different characters?

Because it is a dark hentai fantasy, but it also has in this a immortal juggernaut named “Clay”

The smut scenes were really good, I was surprised, a lot of authors are really detailed and some aren’t, you hit the middle where it was really good in my opinion

I say I’m curious about harems because the way your going with the warhammer taking, it makes it seem like Clay will have no sexual or romantic invocations ever? I’m just plain curious, it’s a good fic and I love reading it, was enraptured, it would just be a bit nice to see Clay try and figure out how to please like 10 different women xD

I really appreciate the world building your doing though, and connecting different parts of the Kuroinu universe and also creating new stuff, it’s wonderful.

Cheers! And keep up the good word, I hope to see more!
7/18 c8 4Dr Dirtbag
Sorry for not checking this chapter out sooner, been a little busy with my own stuff.

Anyways, once again I am impressed by your worldbuilding and dialouge, it makes everything feel more real and natural despite the setting, whoch I approve of.
Clay is seriously embracing his SPARTAN insperation, socially I mean. Honestly sometimes it makes me wonder of this os supposed to be a stealth halo crossover, but thats just me.

I also like the fact that Clay has some detractors in this fic, questioning his abilities. While we as the reader know he is the "Real Deal" they dont.

Also here's hoping thqt Adwin stays the way he is... Cause it would be heartbreaking otherwise...
7/9 c8 evilstatistic19
Great chapter looking forward to the next one
7/7 c8 vladypus
This is great. Can't wait to see Clay steamroller some assholes.
7/5 c8 1EostianScribe
The sexism angle WOULD work in a place where the major leaders, elite knights and so on are women.

Well made chapter, all in all.
7/5 c8 1Project Pseudonym
I honestly don't get why you even need to bother explaining basic biology to idiots. Men have more muscles and thus greater upper body strength, which gives a decisive edge in physical fights.

Unless technology have advanced to the point where muscle power is negligent, such as guns, melee weapon combat will still favor average men over women.

Alicia seems to have gone completely bonkers in this case as her feminist views will ultimately cripple her military. Women in general don't like taking risks, that's why US military is majority men despite being open to women. Such view will cause an exodus of fighting men and with them goes the needed workforce.
7/5 c8 giovvaniauditore
Update pls
7/4 c8 Fire
Interesting, having the Dawn Templars sexist, as Clay is the only man to join. But reasonable and not something to bash all the time. Also they shut that down in a way that doesn’t insult them to harshly or open to bashing.
It’s nice to see enemies and opponents who has a brain… (but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have that one antagonist that deserves the karma hit from the protagonist, only moderately of course)

I imagine there will be similar issues in terms with Clay hurting people with a large amount of pride over things that Clay and the Heroines would find absolutely unnecessary in the future.

I wonder if Clay will find his limit on his patience over the inefficiency and how Eostia’s own people are holding them back from ending the war.
7/4 c8 Nmorrow
For what it's worth, I think your chapter was well written. I've definitely seen fanfiction that have harped much more on gender inequality. I think you were tactful.
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