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for Kuroinu - Rise of the Guardian

7/5 c8 1EostianScribe
The sexism angle WOULD work in a place where the major leaders, elite knights and so on are women.

Well made chapter, all in all.
7/5 c8 1Project Pseudonym
I honestly don't get why you even need to bother explaining basic biology to idiots. Men have more muscles and thus greater upper body strength, which gives a decisive edge in physical fights.

Unless technology have advanced to the point where muscle power is negligent, such as guns, melee weapon combat will still favor average men over women.

Alicia seems to have gone completely bonkers in this case as her feminist views will ultimately cripple her military. Women in general don't like taking risks, that's why US military is majority men despite being open to women. Such view will cause an exodus of fighting men and with them goes the needed workforce.
7/5 c8 giovvaniauditore
Update pls
7/4 c8 Fire
Interesting, having the Dawn Templars sexist, as Clay is the only man to join. But reasonable and not something to bash all the time. Also they shut that down in a way that doesn’t insult them to harshly or open to bashing.
It’s nice to see enemies and opponents who has a brain… (but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have that one antagonist that deserves the karma hit from the protagonist, only moderately of course)

I imagine there will be similar issues in terms with Clay hurting people with a large amount of pride over things that Clay and the Heroines would find absolutely unnecessary in the future.

I wonder if Clay will find his limit on his patience over the inefficiency and how Eostia’s own people are holding them back from ending the war.
7/4 c8 Nmorrow
For what it's worth, I think your chapter was well written. I've definitely seen fanfiction that have harped much more on gender inequality. I think you were tactful.
7/3 c8 xXwolfsterXx644
Definitely Can't wait for the next update
7/3 c8 Guest
Well you have build some indeed why Kuriono Hates the Woman because of their Superiority Complex just the Knight Previously here

But I'm curuious what would you have Done to Grave Laventine?

Because of your would Building you make at least hate the Females who had appeared to be arrogant just because of their Past History

Can't wait for a Possible Another Sentinel to a[[ear
or Perhaps can you include a Version of Thel'Vadam the Arbiter from Halo, as Clay's Companion in the Future? Chapter Like himself being Put in stasis
7/3 c8 Alexandar von Cartein Zarovich
I do not think Olga' womb can handle his spawn
7/3 c8 Janny092
Looks like Clay has a very long way to go before he becomes accustomed to a “normal” life of every day civilians even soldiers of modern Eostia. In this regard I bid Clay all the luck of the world in this endeavor so he may interact and intergrate normally to modern times.

Somehow and someway seeing Maia come up with a strategy to use her body and Expose her breast to the enemy to overwhelm their mind horniness then kill them is somehow while dumb when explaining to others but putting it to use is logical and practical somehow. This tactic embodies “it is not stupid if it works”.

Right now I am still wishing for Clay to having his own unit, a unit comprised primarly of professional soldiers, a unit that is a like fantasy iteration of a modern soldier; displine, professional, and more reliable than peasant conscrips or fanatics but more numerous than men-at-arms and knights. Of course this wish can be granted after Clay does something extraordinary or noteworthy enough to warrant such a reward to be granted to him, like for example turning the tide of a battle from certainly to defeat to Overwhelming Heroic Victory or discovering a plot that would destabilize the order of the Seven kingdoms or something along those lines.

This story as ever author-San is one of more well written ones out here in fanfiction regardless low amount of people that know this story that has given it a heart and bookmark, I have seen stories that has a large followers suck absoloute ass compare to this story and the multitude that I have read throughout the years. With those angry reviewers please ignore these ignorant haters at the best days and at worse give them the Middle finger and say “kindly fuck off if you do not like my story after being warned”.

Keep up the bloody good work and please stay safe and Happy.

5/19 c6 jaalco
i have no doubt this was inspired by the mandingo fight from django unchained
5/12 c7 2shadowblack
Good story so far. Apart from some typos there are no real issues that I could see. Looking forward to how it continues.

At first Clay seemed so overpowered he appeared untouchable. I'm curious to see what sort of opponents would be able to challenge him.
5/4 c7 Halo
Oh I just read your note, pretty much the same thing I said.

I love the world building, ad this portrayal of Celestine is interesting, and doesn’t open the opportunity to do constant bashing on her character flaws like many other fanfics do.

Clay is starting to realize that for the first time, will have to deal with Humans as his enemy, humans that are perhaps even worse than the demons he has faced.

As I imagine the demons only killed and destroyed, nothing more, but the human antagonists here can do much more than that…
5/3 c7 2Psychochiken
Despite Grissom being scum that makes me want to kick his groin to the tune of Kazotsky, he's not wrong about Eleonora. She is incredibly beautiful, like all of Eostia's women, but I'd have to say she's one of my top 3 for sure. Here's hoping Grissom's head get treated like a grape in a microwave in the future! Great work as always, good sir!
5/2 c7 Halo
So Celestine’s flaw is that she is too nice and because of refusal to use her power and authority, she fails to reel in the fanatics and other bad people. To the point that she can’t do anything about her followers which is quite a contradiction considering that they believe in her as their goddess….

(This has nothing to do with religion today)

Something that Clay might have to do something about that in the future….
5/2 c7 Janny092
This is some great world-building, it makes Eostia of this story one of the more better made one that exist out here and there in fanfiction.

It makes me wonder if you author-san if you will make Clay act like the Spartans from Halo where he would act as the Sword that would bring about the glory of the First Age to modern Eostia and remake it again, just without the magic being widespread and gods being less than what they are used too.

Not only that can he also reorganize the armies of seven nations/kingdoms to be something more reliant and lead by a professional force like a modern and fantasy based Roman force instead of relying of few professional knights, men-at-arms, peasant conscripts, religious fanatics and mercenary forces. Hopefully you can make something like this.

As always this story is some of more best stories I have and I hope this continues until it is finally finish. Until that happens you have my support of this story author-san. While you continue making this story please stay safe.

See you soon!
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