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for Kuroinu - Rise of the Guardian

5/1 c7 12NarwhaleNapper
I love how you're taking time to open up the world and introducing bits and pieces of lore, as well as good character building and interactions, such as the bits with Clay, Maia, Alicia, and Lulu (or Luu-Luu?). Eleonora was also written very nicely, and I'm sure she's got a bigger part to play in the story. Elijah Grissom was also greatly written as a villain. I'm more of a fan of 3D villains, but there's nothing wrong with purely evil villains for the sake of simple evil.
A bit of a slow chapter, but I enjoyed reading it! Your strong points are definitely with world building and descriptions, but a bit of plot progression would be nice. That doesn't mean don't take your time, everything is well thought out so far! Keep up the good work! Looking forward to the next!
5/1 c7 1EostianScribe
A well made chapter.

I do like how you're setting the world here and I'm eager to see where it'll go.
4/30 c7 xXwolfsterXx644
Definitely Can't wait for the next update
4/30 c2 Alexandar von Cartein Zarovich
OOOOOh boy,
4/30 c7 Nmorrow
Great world-building, as always. I think you portrayed Celestine very well, someone who wants to believe in the good of people, though it can be to her own detriment. I also like how you are outlining Clay's thought process, someone who is deeply devotional to the Celestine as the goddess reborn, but is able to think through and understand where his doubts come from, and not fall into a fanatic fervor. I hope I'm explaining myself well. I think Clay and Eleonora Bern have an interesting contrast to Grissom-Clay and Bern are deeply devoted, but flexible and can acknowledge change and the current situation of society, while Grissom is fanatical, stuck on what he perceives is right and deeply twisted.
4/30 c7 5Dr Dirtbag
I love how you write the Shield Princesses. It's an absolute treat to see them bounce off each other and interact. I'm gonna need to take some pointers from you at this rate.

The world building this chapter is very well done, feels very natural. At this rate though I might be coming to you for advice on how characters should interact.
4/30 c7 1Abyss Trinity
Awesome chapter and thanks for updating!
4/30 c7 1Project Pseudonym
Clay can become the mailed fist to Celestine's velvet glove.

Surely he must've been taught asymmetrical warfare as part of his education? Considering how devious demons are, he should have some experience regarding assassinations, sabotage, and assassination. Kind of like how Spartans were trained as supersoldiers from young age.

With resources of Seven Shields, they just needs to follow the money and look things more closely into the inner workings of the church. Even if they are an independent organization, the church still needs to pay lip service to the supreme laws of the land and can't be too obvious in their defiance.
4/17 c6 Alexandar von Cartein Zarovich
Well done
3/28 c6 Guest
Cannot Wait For Chapter 7.
3/28 c5 Guest
Prim Is So Pure. So Cute.
3/28 c4 Guest
Luu-Luu Is Funny I Like Her.
3/28 c3 Guest
3/27 c3 Guest
3/27 c2 Guest
Not Bad.
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