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for Kuroinu - Rise of the Guardian

3/27 c1 Guest
Sounds Interesting Enough.
3/6 c6 2HaMCRI
needs wholesome moments my man, but otherwise you are doing fine.
3/3 c1 Freddielebron
Doomguy meets halo is the image I get
2/23 c6 KRUSA1
interesting story continue with more lemon scenes
2/19 c6 Guardiao shiro
Essa história tem muito pontencial a ser demostrado, não só em desenvolvimento como também em relações entre os personagens. Posso ver algo incrível no próximo capítulo.
2/18 c6 12NarwhaleNapper
I'm not familiar with any of the second season, nor with much of the original source material as well, so it was a little difficult to read this chapter. But because you have really good organization skills, good grammar, and excellent writing, it made it much easier for me to follow along, even at the parts where it seemed squeamish (this is adapated from a hanime, so I shouldn't have expected any less).

Overall, I did enjoy this chapter, expanding on the greater world. I also believe this is my first time leaving a review. I've meant to post on your other chapters, but either been too lazy or indecisive on what to critique, what to praise, etc. I do enjoy the overall plot and the development of Clay and how he will play his part, along with the other characters, and maybe there will be some semblance of a happy ending to all of this nihilism and bleakness the source material portrays. Keep up the good work!
2/18 c6 Guest
You Lived again, and your Dead again
2/17 c6 1EostianScribe
Never played/got into K2 so can't comment on those characters. The sex, while brief, spoke of the characters involved.

As more Mandeville... He might be more creepy and weird then the one I wrote. XD
2/17 c6 5Wolfking0811
A little disappointed that Clay wasn’t in this chapter, but I enjoyed the world building. You also dig a great job on the more explicit scenes.
2/17 c6 1Project Pseudonym
I see that you have vigorously studied the source material like a true man of culture. I do like how geopolitical situation has been expanded upon along with more diverse characters.

On future chapters, I'm hoping to see how strong the Guardian is compare to others. I'm assuming he's beyond Captain America level and maybe into Spartans' or even reach Space Marine level. Does he have any magic beyond superhuman physique?
2/17 c6 Dr Zalazar GC
Great new chapter! It was worth the wait these months. The chapter was very good my dear.
2/17 c6 xXwolfsterXx644
I definitely Can't wait for the next update and see clay wreck everybody stuff
2/17 c6 5Dr Dirtbag
Hey, I missed this story, glad to see you back my guy.

I really appreciate how you manage to portray both Luca and Mistoria very closely to their canon counterparts. You did a very good job on that I think.

As for the sex scene while somewhat short, I feel like that was the intention. They are quick romps, no need for any large amount of buildup which fits well with how this story is being told and feels very in character.
2/17 c6 Janny092
Not bad, I guess? Not a fan children being from force sexual intercourse. Don’t know much from the sequel kuroinu 2 other than it’s a sequel.

Hope to see in the next chapter our guardian again kicking ass and taking names. Hope he gets his happy ending after all is said and done.
2/17 c6 2Psychochiken
Is it okay if I'm filled with thoughts of murder and rage for these filth? Because a good majority of these scum deserve a slow, excruciatingly painful death, something I'd be more than happy to deliver!
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