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for Whispers in Her Hair

5/8 c20 Aid4
Hi! Thanks for the chapters! I really like them! I really like Valeria and Marcus! And i feel so bad for Draco, almost all of them have a difficult family and no support sistem, but i am sure that all the Slytherins will form their own family with Hermione! Thanks for sharing this!
4/16 c20 Guest
Poor Draco I fill so bad for him,
4/11 c20 1C.Menard
There were so many sweet moments in this chapter, between the protectiveness of Valeria and the snack pack for Hermionethey all felt genuine and heartwarming! That said, you definitely know how to write gray and tense scenes too. Dumbledore obviously peeked into Harry’s mind, and the whole Weasley interaction was incredibly frustrating for Harry. Lucious was absolutely vicious, and now I really want to see a mid-war story to see just how much more capable the Death Eaters would be! Thanks for sharing!
4/9 c20 Dar Sel'La
Oh my, that may change some things. Though Harry may want to get out of sight pronto before Draco sees him.
4/9 c19 Dar Sel'La
Of course Dumbledore knows about Hermione. As Headmaster, he had damn well better know about her, and know all of the potential threat. Just like with Remus. Does depend on what exactly her abilities are, and what they are in universe. This discussion would lend to the belief that he knows all that goes on (almost) within the school, and thinks that Harry has figured enough out (the mind skimmingthat he is) that he deserves a bit of information on what he may be dealing with, given thier seeming close relationship.
4/8 c20 OnlyHHR
Nice gut-punch at the end for poor Draco. Thank you for writing!
4/7 c20 21CallaRose4ever
Poor Draco. maybe someone should invite him to their house for the summer. but I am looking forward to finding out who and how someone hopefully Hermione will help Harry out over the summer. but wondering when that will happen. IF he never tells her about the abuse. Perhaps she will just put it together and realize it from the clues he tries to hide. I'm hoping for more Hermione interaction soon. awesome update and I am enjoying the story I think I feel like Hermione has been reduced from a big influence and friend to not being as important. at least that is how it feels through the last few chapters. I am hoping now that they are awake and friends again that this feeling will subside. Looking forward to the future chapters once you are up to posting more. thanks for sharing this. I really do enjoy it.
4/7 c20 15stevem1
I enjoyed the chapter, though I think Flint and Valeria’s interactions were over the top.

I despise Dumbledore.

I hate Malfoy.
4/7 c20 Jon 'Fatjon' Umber
poor draco. Harry should take that bastard down
3/28 c18 Aid4
Hi! Thanks for the last two chapters, i really like them! I am so glad that everyone is safe and recovering! Can't wait to read more and to read how the Slytherins will accept Hermiine in their group!
3/25 c19 21CallaRose4ever
hi, thanks for sharing this when you do come back to this I hope Hermione will get a chance to shine too. I like Valeria and if Hermione can find some way to get her to give her a chance I think all three of them would make awesome friends. looking forward to more.
3/24 c11 CallaRose4ever
Man, I am loving this story but I am wanting more interaction between Harry and Hermione. and now she is petrified. :( sad sad sad. So I imagine I have a few chapters before she wakes up. fortunately I think they are already written and posted. LOVING IT and looking forward to reading the rest of what you have written so far. Are you going to go through all the years? Will Harry get off his duff and ask her to the dance in 4th year? or will she still be going with Victor and we will see an envious Harry? Enjoying the story very much.
3/24 c2 Makimass
I'm genuinely confused about harry as a character on your story.
He wants to be powerful but doesn't really want to study unless and only will do his works right on the deadline? He also is cunning in the first chapter and different than the canon but in this chapter (2) he somehow acts a bit impulsive and wears his feelings on his sleeves when he confronted draco compared to hermione where he had more control with his emotions?..

This is only chapter 2 so maybe there will be changes or explanation but for now he just reminds me of the canon harry except he's in slytherin..
3/12 c19 1C.Menard
As always, it’s incredible to hear from you and to share some time with your characters! I’m glad everyone looks to be safe and healed, and that Harry finally trusted his gut about Hermione. I know you mentioned you were winding down the story, so I just wanted to share how much I’ve loved the journey so far! You’ve had a great and unique twist on Slytherin Harry and your original characters are complex and memorable!

I’m terribly sorry to hear about your jaw, and I hope that everything heals up nicely more that it’s been brought to light! Wishing you the best!
3/11 c1 Jo Cook
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