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for Whispers in Her Hair

18h c16 1FaeBreeze
Ew. That sick snake wants to... make eggs... with Hermione?! I want it dead. Dead. Dead. Yuk. Thanks for the story. Very viscerally entertaining.
6/9 c16 Guest
Well, that is not a nice place to leave off, I don’t know if I will make it to your next update
6/9 c16 5LittleDragon5
I was wondering if Hermione's gorgon heritage meant that she wasn't going to stay petrified for very long. Nice chapter, thanks for updating.
6/9 c16 EDED
this chapter was ammmaaaazzzziiinnnggg! please keep on writing these stories! they always make my day! :D
5/21 c15 5Jacob Phantom
Please update your story soon!
5/20 c15 Madi
It goes without saying that Hermione is why I'm here but LISTEN , I AM HIGHLY INVESTED in your OC Valeria. Well done on that front. Loving everything about this fic.
5/19 c15 11stevem1
This is an excellent story. I do think Harry is a bit schizophrenic, he’s far too kind and noble for Slytherin House. And diplomacy means absolutely nothing unless you have the power to back it up.

I think Hermione’s character is well done also. Definitely a different and enjoyable take.
5/19 c11 stevem1
Harry is correct. He’s incredibly dense.

The writing is excellent, even if the characters overthink and underthink absolutely everything.
5/18 c15 Aid4
Hi! Thanks for the chapter! I love it! Glad that you got your second Covid vaccine shot! And that the side effects are gone now!
Love the friendship Harry is forming with Valeria and how he is helping her in seeing that people can be good, better and I really love them! Can't wait to read how Hermione will get along with Valeria and the other Slytherins!
5/17 c15 Guest
Wonderfully written chapter I truly enjoyed reading it
5/16 c15 MoonflowerDaydreamer
I love this
5/16 c15 OnlyHHR
That chapter was amazing! Thank you for writing.
5/15 c15 Falcon777
Dang. Man, you've got me on the edge of my seat. I REALLY like this story, and I don't say that often. This probably is one of the best Harry-in-Slytherin stories there is out there...at least with what you have so far. Keep it up and it could be one of the best stories on this site.
5/15 c15 1FaeBreeze
This is. So. BADASS! It is honestly painful how well you write the mindset of abused children but it really does make your story seem a lot more real. I really hope those two come out unscathed. Thanks for sharing!
5/15 c15 HPFanfictionIsGreat
Great chapter! Update soon!
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