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for Whispers in Her Hair

3/11 c1 Jo Cook
3/9 c18 1bexis1
Saw the flag coming from a mile away. Wasn’t sure which of them was going to stab the diary, though. I had picked up on Hermione’s condition from the line about gorgons mating with basilisks, and all that queen business.

Is this really going to continue? You tied up a lot of loose ends in this chapter.
3/4 c4 1EddaValkyrie
I kinda want a whole story about just Flint and Valeria. . . they're a straight MOOD
2/26 c19 W0lfgang
Ok, 10k words covering perhaps 10 minutes? And you didn't even get to what you promised in your note at the end of the last chapter - "Next I'm going to write a scene with Dumbledore/the diary/Dobby/Lucius, some fallout, and then a scene of the kids departing on the train to wrap things up and then second year will finally be over." I think you need to cut back on Harry's internal dialogues and concentrate on the external action, otherwise we could be here for a while.
2/24 c19 5LittleDragon5
Thank you so much for a new chapter. I reread chapter 18 before this one and how did I not remember the syrup drip drip? 0_o
2/22 c19 Falcon777
YAAAAAAAAY! AN UPDATE! I love this story. It's got such depth and yet still manages to capture the perspective of nearly teenage children. It's also got so many juicy mysteries and twists that it really brings the old story new life. The idea of Hermione actually being a medusa is very fascinating. The dynamic between Harry and Valeria is both cute, hilarious, and interesting.

I'm sorry to hear about the horrible happenings with that dentist. Major oof there. Honestly, I'd consider finding a different one if you can. I hope that things work out for you there.

In any case, please continue this amazing work of art! It really ought to have ten times the number of reviews as it does, because this is good. Very good. Best of wishes,

2/22 c19 guest
that was fun following along with all of harry's internal musings. i liked how he was happy to be in slytherin and learning the lessons of his house in a really positive way. i'm wondering how hermione is keeping such a low profile in the infirmary though.
2/22 c19 15dj3ssii3
All Harry's thoughts were very interesting and I'm glad he know about Hermione's secret :) I'm sorry about your heal problems and send you all my support!
2/21 c19 8Nerdmom1701
Great chapter, and welcome back!

As someone in the dental field, I feel your pain. PM me if you have any questions, of want any random bits of advice!

I have SO many questions about Hermione and the snakes, that I don’t even know where to start. How did a First Generation Witch become a Medusa? How has she been hiding her snakes, or do they only show up when she is under duress? How did she get sorted into Gryffindor? Obviously the shakes whisper to her (thanks for clearing up that mystery), but why hasn’t Harry been able to make out what they’ve been saying?

I obviously don’t expect you to answer these to me personally, but I’m really looking forward to reading about them in the future. I hope your mouth feels better, and remember, dental work is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t get too much done at one time. It’s just a recipe for disaster.

Update when you can.

Well done
2/21 c18 rubyred753
Forgot to say I am so sorry about ypur teeth and jaw issues! That's awful- hope you improve soon.
2/21 c19 rubyred753
Thanks for the update! Alway happy to read more of thisthings remain interesting and unexpected.
2/21 c19 Mirmiru
Omg! I'm so sorry that you're going through all of that with your teeth. If it's too expensive to pay for all that, you might want to consider a travel to my country (Venezuela). Here the odontologist are great and really cheaper than most countries.

I feel like a baby for crying for my wisdom teeth.

Another useful thing I learned is that periodont or periogard from Colgate were great to help to heal your gums and keep them clean from infection.

Great chapter, btw. And hoping to read you soon (and for your teeth to get better).
2/21 c19 15stevem1
I like Harry’s introspection. He knows he has a long way to go and he’s willing to start moving down that path. His powers of observation have obviously increased more than a bit.

Harry and Hermione’s interactions, all non-verbal, was very cool. Valeria’s bossy older sister attitude was endearing.

Looking forward to more.
2/21 c19 SamonIllmantrim
I really enjoyed this chapter, with the connections, and even the darkness on the horizon (Dumbledore's weird looks). I hope Harry can escape the Dursleys this summer for good. The boy needs some good news in his life.
2/3 c18 iadorespike
Lovely. Slytherin Harry is really working for me. I will say that I’m getting more and more worried for Valeria. I find myself very drawn to her and I’d really like for her to be saved. Second year has been a beast, but you’ve really made it worth reading. Thanks so much!
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