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for Whispers in Her Hair

5/16 c15 OnlyHHR
That chapter was amazing! Thank you for writing.
5/15 c15 Falcon777
Dang. Man, you've got me on the edge of my seat. I REALLY like this story, and I don't say that often. This probably is one of the best Harry-in-Slytherin stories there is out there...at least with what you have so far. Keep it up and it could be one of the best stories on this site.
5/15 c15 1FaeBreeze
This is. So. BADASS! It is honestly painful how well you write the mindset of abused children but it really does make your story seem a lot more real. I really hope those two come out unscathed. Thanks for sharing!
5/15 c15 HPFanfictionIsGreat
Great chapter! Update soon!
5/3 c13 L'homme Noir
So I need that headcannon of yours to happen. Later in the story with way more detail. As of who goes with him I'm thinking Valarie and Blaise. As that just makes the most sense to how the story has gone this far.
5/3 c14 Aid4
Hi! Thanks for the chapter! I really like it! I am si glad that both of your kids are better now, hope that things keep going well for you and your family!
And with the story I really hope Harry will figure it out Hermione's secret soon! Or that she will tell him! And I can't wait to Hermione and Harry finally reconcile! And read how they will fit with the other friends!
4/30 c3 Jarno
I think your story has so much potential, but I keep getting annoyed by your Harry. He's just so frustratingly average and meek. Likewise, are there any Slytherins in your story? Harry keeps getting pushed around by basically everyone. Even crabble and goyle.
Let's look at this from a Slytherin perspective. You have the single most famous wizard of your generation in you class. No one in Hogwarts is as famous as he is. No one in Hogwarts is as revered as Harry is. Said boy, does not yet have any set alliances or connections. But in your story they just throw that away in bully him. Even worse, Draco befriends the single most famous wizard their generation. And then his father is like, how dare you befriend the boy-who-lived? How does that make any sense? They're slytherins, connections are important. There is nothing gained by bullying him and everything gained by befriending him or at least being polite.
4/30 c14 25Lost O'Fallon Girl
Awe mannnnnnn hahah so cute so far
4/29 c14 Guest
I've read all 131,931 words of your story so far. The last 1/3 of them have dealt with Hermione's message to Harry about what attacked her. It's really time to move the story along before the crickets chirp, don't you think? I really enjoyed the first part of the story and don't really want my interest to fade. I hope the solution isn't the point of the story.
4/29 c14 2abhayakara
Your Lavender is adorable. How do kids get into trouble so quickly? Ouch!
4/29 c14 Jon 'Fatjon' Umber
why cliff hang
4/29 c14 Guest
Glad your life and family is getting better and thank you for the update I really enjoyed it
4/28 c14 3Lillith Roze
Also, can I just say that the bookmark idea is so freaking clever and I wish it was real lol.
4/25 c13 Annamarie Delaostia
Hi,please update this fanfic it's the only thing that keeps me sane through out this pandemic, I have reread this for months , It really makes me happy and I really love the way you portray Harry in this fanfic , Your HARMONY moments is really sweet and cute it activates my inner fangirl. English is not my first language,Sorry for the gramitical mistakes)
4/19 c13 Aid4
Hi! Thanks so much for the chapter! I love it! Can't wait to read your plans with your story with Hermione and Harry being older!
Honestly I love how the Slytherins are supporting and helping Harry even when they don't like Hermione! Hope that when she wakes up she will gain Slytherins respect and friendship!
Love flint and Valeria, hope they can fix the things between them soon!
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