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for Whispers in Her Hair

4/13 c13 3SilverShadowClaw
Can I just say that I totally cracked up at the author's note/quick story at the end because I can totally see that being a story and would 100% read it. It would be a hilarious one-shot if the author ever decided to write it!
3/29 c13 7Rafsolo
Thank you for not Harry and Valeria have a weird relationship. I like the brother and sister/sort of son and sort of mother thing they have going on.

Also, don't worry about being slow with updates. Life happens and that's completely normal
3/29 c13 Guest
Wonderful chapter, and I loved Valeria and Flint
3/28 c12 2abhayakara
Really nice way of explaining forgiveness!
3/28 c8 abhayakara
Great description of the diary!
3/28 c13 4peinnoir
This chapter was worth the wait, if only for your Snake headcanon in the AN and Valeria finding something in the locker. Can't wait for more!
3/27 c13 smileforsun
I've finally caught up on this (man, 2021 has been really hard) and, just, thank you. I laughed so hard when the board's measures were inconsistent, etc. because that's HOW THIS WHOLE PANDEMIC FEELS, DANG IT and it was just too relatable. Also, I love your little head canon. If you ever decided to write it
3/27 c13 1FaeBreeze
Oh my! What could they have found! This is great. And your Slytherin Harry is growing on me every day. Thanks for sharing!
3/27 c13 21katmom
Close, there!
3/27 c13 6CastleHHR
lol that's a subtle way of throwing in a one shot with a story... lol lol lol..
Welcome back, missed this so so much. Hopefully we'll be back to routine schedule soon... fingers crossed
3/25 c9 Callialex
I adore everything about the flag hijinks! Well done!
3/21 c12 1FaeBreeze
This story is so exciting and fun and interesting! I am so happy I found it. Thanks for sharing.
3/13 c12 atymer
Ah! I am hooked. Anxious to know what will happen next. I've not read anything remotely like this. Poor Harry missing all the clues right in his face! I can't wait to discover Hermione's unique heritage and if her parents are aware or if her genetic makeup has resurfaced after centuries of dormancy. Stuff to look forward to!
3/5 c12 Aid4
Nice chapter! I really like it! I really like how Harry is building friendships between his schoolmates! And how he is determinate to help Hermione in any way he could! Thanks for sharing this amazing story!
3/5 c11 Aid4
Hi! Thanks for the chapter! I really love it! First of all I hope that you are doing better and that you and your family are safe!
This chapter is amazing finally Harry apologized to Hermione, but honestly I preferred if she was really awake! Can't wait to she wake up and fix her relationship with Harry!
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